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Plan Your Trip to Eastern Europe


Planning your trip to Eastern Europe can seem a bit daunting for the first-time traveler to the region. However, planning a trip to Eastern Europe doesn't have to be any more difficult than planning a trip to another destination. Simply do your research, prepare your travel documents, make sure you've packed smartly, and, most importantly, go already having decided that you're going to enjoy your trip to Eastern Europe thoroughly.
  1. Eastern Europe Travel Basics
  2. Eastern Europe Travel Preparations
  3. Eastern Europe Travel Tips
  1. Eastern Europe Budget Travel
  2. Maps of Eastern Europe
  3. Staying In and Getting Around Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe Travel Basics

Passport Stamp at Sheremtevo Airport in Moscow

Whatever your destination in Eastern Europe, you need to be familiar with some very important travel basics. Travel documents, like visas, may need to be obtained. A trip to your doctor to discuss suggested vaccinations may be in order. You will also want to know beforehand what kind of currency you'll be using (and in what form), and how you'll get around the region, country, or city you're visiting once you get there.

Eastern Europe Travel Preparations

Packing for Eastern Europe Travel

Once you've chosen the Eastern European region, country, or city of your choice, you'll need to prepare for your trip. This means packing smartly, covering your bases while you're away, and having everything you need in the event of an emergency when you get to Eastern Europe.

Eastern Europe Travel Tips

Signpost on Solovetski Island, Russia

Make the most of your trip to Eastern Europe by following some tips that will pave the way for a smooth journey.

Eastern Europe Budget Travel

Budget Travel Tips

Have a set budget you can spend on your trip to Eastern Europe? Don't mind making some sacrifices in order to save some money? Or do you just want to see how low your trip costs can go? Consider using budget-friendly tactics when you travel to Eastern Europe.

Maps of Eastern Europe

Map of Eastern Europe

When planning your trip to Eastern Europe, there's nothing old-fashioned about pulling out a map to gain an understanding of your destination's geography.

Staying In and Getting Around Eastern Europe

Marriot Grand Hotel Moscow

Become familiar with some information that is essential for successfully navigating your way around the Eastern European destination of your choice.

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