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What to See and Do in Eastern Europe


You've decided you're going to travel to Eastern Europe. You've got your documents, packed your bags, and can't wait to reach your destination. But what do you do when you get there? What should you strive to see, do, and experience in Eastern Europe? Fortunately for you, Eastern Europe is full of things to see and do - including visiting museums, churches, and castles, taking nature walks, or going on historical tours.
  1. Eastern Europe's Must-See Sights
  2. Eating Out/Dining Out in Eastern Europe
  3. Shopping in Eastern Europe
  4. Palaces and Castles in Eastern Europe
  5. Festivals in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe's Must-See Sights

Kremlin Bell Tower, Moscow

Every country and city in Eastern Europe has sights that every visitor should see. Some are well-known and hard to miss. Others are off the beaten path. Work some of the following must-see sights into your next trip to Eastern Europe.

Eating Out/Dining Out in Eastern Europe

Polish Pierogi

Seems pretty obvious, but eating out in Eastern Europe can turn out to be one of your best experiences, especially if you search out restaurants that serve traditional Eastern European cuisine. Navigating menus in a different language, figuring out how you should behave in a restaurant, or simply deciding where to dine can be tricky. Be adventuresome! Eating out in Eastern Europe is something you're going to have to do at one point or another. So enjoy it!

Shopping in Eastern Europe

Khokhloma Bowl

Whether you're taking advantage of the different selection of shops and retail outlets in Eastern Europe, hunting for antiques, or just picking up some souvenirs, shopping in Eastern Europe can be a great way to fill an afternoon. Learn how and where to shop in Eastern Europea and you'll go back with bags full of goodies for yourself, family, and friends.

Palaces and Castles in Eastern Europe

Ciechanow Castle Poland

Romance and history - that's what's in store for you when you visit one of Eastern Europe's castles or palaces. Many royal residences have now been turned into museums full of riches, art masterpieces, and curiosities. Other palaces and castles are now hotels and inns that welcome visitors on a year-round basis. Still other castles are reduced to ruins that turn hikes and picnics into adventures into the past.

Festivals in Eastern Europe

Music festivals, dance festivals, pagan rites festivals, cultural festivals, holiday celebrations, boat shows, and film festivals keep Eastern Europe's events calendar full. Each season features different festivals depending upon your destination. Eastern European festivals are extremely popular with locals and visitors alike. In some cases, you'll be able to experience folk dances and music, sample local foods, and purchase crafts unique to particular regions.

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