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Krakow in April - Weather, Events, and Tips

April Guide for Krakow Travel


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April Weather in Krakow

  • Average temperature: 13ºC / 55ºF
  • Average high: 17ºC / 63ºF
  • Average low: 8ºC / 46ºF
Krakow welcomes springtime in April with temperatures that have been seen to top 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

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What to Pack for Krakow in April

Variable weather conditions require creative packing. Some days you may need a sweater; others may call for a cotton shirt.

April Holidays and Events in Krakow

If Easter falls in April, the Krakow Easter Market is a must for travelers. Celebrating Easter in Krakow is a memorable, colorful, and meaningful experience.

If Holy Week occurs in March, the Misteria Paschalia Festival will also take place. This classical and historical music concert is held in churches and the Krakow Philharmonic.

Tips for Travel to Krakow in April

  • From Wawel Castle to the Main Market Square, Krakow blooms with the energy of springtime in April. Try to see as many of the sights as you can on foot – you'll get a better feel for the city and make some discoveries along the way.

Book Flights and Hotels for Krakow in April

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