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Latvian Prison Hotel and Museum


Prison Bars

Prison Bars

Karosta Prison was a working prison for most of the 20th century, but it now serves as a museum, attraction, and hotel. Karosta, or Naval Port, prison, is located near the historical center of Liepāja, Latvia.

The prison offers tours, accommodation, and special activities. The prison is said to be haunted, but it's scary enough without ghosts - gloomy cells and staff members who act as prison guards effectively recreate the reality of the structure's history.

Karosta Prison Hotel:

If you love the opportunity to experience unusual accommodations, the Karosta Prison will appeal to you. Prison bunks and a prison meal await guests who overnight at Karosta. Reservations must be made by telephone or via email. A night's stay is also included in some of the special programs on offer.

Tours and Programs at Karosta Prison:

Guided tours are available to visitors, including a surprise tour. Special programs include an interactive show based upon the real lives of prisoners, an "extreme night," and a full 24 hours at the prison. Special programs require visitors to sign an agreement before participating. In addition to agreeing to respect the property of the prison, participants must be aware that they " may receive insulting instructions and orders which must be carried out without objection. In case of disobedience prisoners may be punished (physical exercise, cleaning works, exclusion from the Show)."

Sights in Karosta:

The area of Karosta was established as a Russian naval base, and reminders of both tsarist and Soviet Russia remain, including a large Orthodox cathedral and forts once a part of the military complex of Karosta.

Hours of Operation and Contact Information for Karosta Prison:

Karosta Prison is open from May 1 to October 1, 10am-6pm daily.

Invalīdu Street 4,
Karosta, Liepāja
LV-3402, Latvia

Tel: Tel.: +371 26369470
E-mail: info@karostascietums.lv

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