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Best Lithuanian Christmas Gifts

Locally Made Presents for Under the Tree


Some of Lithuania’s best souvenirs also make special Christmas gifts for friends and family members. These items are handmade in Lithuania, often according to long-standing traition. On your next visit to Lithuania, pick up some of the following gifts:


Amber is one of the most popular gifts from Lithuania. Lithuanian artists transform rough baubles from the sea into elegant glowing pieces of jewelry and art. In souvenir shops, find both heirloom pieces of amber jewelry and pieces for casual wear that come with affordable price tags. You can find amber jewelry to suit any taste, from heavy multi-hued collar necklaces to dainty stud earrings.

If you aren’t in the market for jewelry, amber adorns other gifts and souvenirs, such as magnets for the die-hard collector. Amber has also been used to make scented cosmetic products for skin and shower.


Lithuania’s ceramic artists are creative and imaginative, using techniques that turn clay into whimsical figures, elegant objects for the home, and heartwarming gifts. Most ceramic stores are able to wrap your purchase in bubble plastic and tissue paper for transport back to your home country.


Lithuania produces an impressive number of books meant for an English-speaking audience. Books on Lithuanian folk costumes, Lithuanian recipes, or Lithuanian history are available in bookstores. Also look for picture books with bird’s-eye-view photographs or images that capture rural life. Museums are also a good source for books on more eclectic topics, so check the English-language selection as you visit museums in Vilnius or other Lithuanian cities.

Towards the end of the year, calendars showing scenes from Lithuania start appearing in bookstores. Some celebrate traditional culture, others the diversity of Lithuanian geography.

For those who journal or the very organized, empty books with covers illustrated by Lithuanian artists or images from famous painters make thoughtful gifts.

Lithuanian Food Products

Lithuania’s chocolate, honey, tea, and wheat products are acclaimed locally and throughout Europe. Supermarkets carry a variety of edibles made in Lithuania that are easy to take home, inexpensive, and delicious. Chocolate bars or fancier filled chocolates are a favorite gift from Lithuania, as are jars of honey or a traditional tree cake. Teas from Lithuania will also make a good impression on the connoisseur: herbal teas produced locally are especially nice, with both sweet and savory flavors to choose from.

Lithuanian Alcohol

Lithuania’s domestically brewed beer, strong distilled spirits, and complex liqueurs also make good gifts, and most come in stocking-stuffer-sized bottles. Try degtine, the Lithuanian vodka or Green Nines, a sweet concoction made from herbs.

Textiles and Clothing

Lithuania is proud of its textile artists and high-quality linen and wool accessories and home décor items. Linen table runners and napkin sets are commonly found in textile shops, but wearable items can also be purchased. Also look for cozy woolen slippers, hand-woven scarves, and knitted gloves sporting traditional designs.

Handmade Crafts

Street-side vendors and sellers at the Vilnius Christmas markets are good places to find small, inexpensive treasures to pass out to coworkers, acquaintances, and extended family members. Find crocheted angels, Christmas ornaments, small framed pictures, wooden earrings, and handmade toys. Tuck these uniquely crafted items into the corners of your suitcase and, when you return from your trip, pass them out with love.

Winter Wear

Lithuanians are experts at surviving bitter winters. When the cold season hits, stock up on fuzzy hats, shearling mittens, wool ponchos, and thick socks for children and adults.
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