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Moscow in April - Weather, Events, and Tips

April Guide for Moscow Travel


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April Weather in Moscow

  • Average temperature: 7ºC / 44ºF
  • Average high: 11ºC / 52ºF
  • Average low: 3ºC / 37ºF
If the winter thaw didn't begin to occur in March, it will begin to happen in April. Temperatures begin to rise, though a nip can still be felt in the air.

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What to Pack for Moscow in April

Pack clothing that can be layered for April travel to Moscow. Some days will feel warmer than others, and you'll want to be able to modify your dress to suit the weather conditions easily. Long-sleeved cotton shirts and sweaters are good staples to begin with. A lined jacket will also come in handy.

April Holidays and Events in Moscow

April 12th is Cosmonaut Day, which celebrates Russia's tradition of space exploration.

According to the Orthodox calendar, Easter often falls in April for Russia other Orthodox nations. The Moscow Easter Festival is one way to celebrate this springtime holiday.

Moscow Fashion Week showcases the best of fashion from Russia and elsewhere in April.

Tips for Travel to Moscow in April

  • If the weather proves to be too chilly for sightseeing, be sure to schedule some time visit a couple of Moscow Museums. If, however, you want to enjoy the spring weather, visit Sparrow Hills for views of Moscow or Patriarch's Ponds, where Bulgakov sets the opening scene of his novel Master and Margarita.

Book Flights and Hotels for Moscow in April

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