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Profile of Poland
Poland - Poland Country Profile

Poland's Cities and Towns
Each of Poland's cities and towns has a different feel and something to offer the visitor. Whether you're looking for regional cuisine and souvenirs, seeking out Poland's art and architecture, or searching for a unique cultural experience, you'll find something different in each destination you schedule into your trip to Poland

Poland Culture 101 in Photos - Photo Gallery of Poland Culture
Poland Culture 101 in Photos - You may encounter some of Poland's cultural practices and items when you travel to Poland

Polish Folk Costumes
The vibrantly colored and beautifully detailed folk costume from Poland is an integral part of a rich heritage of traditions dating back centuries. Folk costumes are often worn by dancers, preserved in museums, or worn for special celebrations.

Poland World Heritage Sites
Poland's 13 World Heritage Sites make great additions to your tour of Poland. Many are located in or near major metropolitan areas and can enrich your understanding of, and appreciation for, this country.

view Poland World Heritage Photos

Poland Photos
These Poland photos capture images of castles, culture, and cities.

Poland's Top Sights
If you're traveling to Poland, these must-see sights will make your trip photo-friendly and extra memorable. Explore elegant old towns, view the lush Polish countryside, or visit sites imbued with spiritual significance.

Favorite Polish Cities
Favorite Polish Cities - Best Cities in Poland See submissions

Your Poland Blog
Poland Blogs - Blogs About Poland See submissions

Top Reasons to Visit Poland
This list includes only a few reasons you should visit Poland, but they are good ones! Find out why travelers should consider Poland on their list of must-visit destination countries!

Wroclaw, Poland
Wroclaw, Poland - Wroclaw

Wroclaw's Dwarfs
Can you find all of Wroclaw's dwarf statues? These little guys are occupied in all kinds of tasks in surprising locations within the old part of the city and beyond.

City Profile for Gdynia, Poland
Gdynia is a part of Poland's Tri-City (Gdansk-Gdynia-Sopot). If you find yourself in the north of Poland, visiting all three cities is easy.

Kazimierz Dolny, Poland
This little historic town in Poland is known both in Poland and abroad as a great weekend getaway.

Malbork, Poland - Malbork
Malbork is home to the famous Malbork Castle. You can visit Malbork on your way to or from Gdansk. Learn more about Malbork in this profile.

Poland Castles in Photos
Poland's castles and palaces are fascinating remnants of Polish history and heritage. Visiting castles is also a fun aspect of travel. Find out more about Poland's best castles.

Poland Castles in Photos 2 - Photo Gallery of Poland's Castles
Whether ruins, residences, or museums, castles are an important part of Poland's landscape, history, and tourist industry.

Poland Castles Photo Gallery 3
Poland Castles in Photos 3 - Gallery of Poland Castle Photos

Polish Traditional Foods
Polish Traditional Foods - Discover Polish Traditional Foods

Romance in Poland
For your next romantic getaway, honeymoon, or vacation for two, try Poland!

Polish Culture
Polish culture has its roots in history, but it continues to develop, incorporating old tradition with modern sensibilities. If you're interested in the culture of Poland, whether because you're traveling to Poland, getting in touch with your Polish roots, or simply satisfying your curiosity, what you discover will surprise and delight you....

Poland Tours
Consider a tour of Poland to get an overview of the country or a particular aspect of its culture. These tour companies offer tours to Poland only or as a part of multi-country tours of the region.

Make Lublin a part of your tour of Poland to see its well-preserved old town, trace the history of its former Jewish community, or take part in one of its many festivals.

Visit Poland's top wintertime destination, Zakopane. This charming mountain town is bursting with activities and culture--something for all types of visitors!

Polish Cookbooks
10 Polish Cookbooks - Cookbooks featuring Polish cuisine and recipes

What is a Zamek?
What is a Zamek? Meaning of the Word Zamek

The United Buddy Bears from Eastern Europe and East-Central Europe
The United Buddy Bears visited Warsaw, Poland in May of 2008. Each country is represented by one bear painted by an artist from that country. These are the Buddy Bears that represent the nations of Eastern Europe and East-Central Europe. Click on the heading to view a photo of each bear.

Historic Poles for Travelers
Learning about the culture of Poland wouldn't be complete without knowing about some important Polish scientists, religious leaders, political figures, and writers.

The Poland-Lithuanian Connection for Travelers
Poland and Lithuania have historical and cultural ties that manifest today and may be apparent to the traveler to either of these two countries.

Enjoy Poznan, a city in Greater Poland. Its long history and established trade heritage give Poznan a unique feel, and many original landmarks attest to its past.

Jasna Gora Monastery, Poland
Jasna Gora Monastery in Poland is the location of the Black Madonna. Jasna Gora is in the town of Czestachowa.

Get to know Silesia, a region in Poland rich in World Heritage sites, natural beauty, and towns ready to be explored.

Poland's Black Madonna
The Black Madonna icon in Czestachoava is Poland's holiest relic. The Jasna Gora Monastery in Jasna Gora, Poland keeps the Black Madonna safe.

Things to Do in Warsaw
Looking for things to do in Warsaw? Look no further. The sights, flavors, and sounds of Poland's capital city await the visitor who loves entertainment, history, and culture.

Polish Traditions Through the Year
Festivals and holidays occur year-round in Poland. These traditions are culturally rich and include Easter customs, Christmas rituals, saints' days, and more.

Poznan's Cathedral Island
Ostrow Tumski, or Cathedral Island, is a sight-filled district of Poznan that is known as the birthplace of Polish Catholicism. The Poznan Cathedral and other churches and museums make it a worthwhile stop on your sightseeing tour of the city.

National Parks in Poland
Poland's national parks offer excellent opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts and for any traveler to become more familiar with Poland's diverse landscapes. Also come in contact with some of Poland's ethnic groups as well as rural architecture.

Warsaw Chopin Airport
Warsaw Chopin Airport is a hub for travelers to Poland, the Baltic nations, Russia, Czech Republic, and destinations in the Middle East.

Wianki celebrates the midsummer solstice. Wreathes and bonfires are important parts of this Polish festival. Krakow's St. John's Eve festivities and rituals are some of the most famous in Poland.

Poland Trivia
This interesting set of trivia about Poland will introduce you to some important information about the country you might not know. How good is your knowledge about Poland?

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