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Christmas Market Krakow


Christmas in Krakow Poland

Christmas in Krakow Poland


Christmas at Main Market Square or Rynek Glowny:

Krakow's Main Market Square is the center of culture, has been the site of a trading market for hundreds of years, and is of course the center of holiday festivities. Poland's most famous Christmas market is set up here every December, and the lights and decorations make the center of Krakow even more beautiful (if that's even possible!) The market usually opens at the end of November or the beginning of December and closes at the beginning of January. You may find your travel plans coincide with the occurrence of the Christmas market, or you may want to plan a visit to Krakow especially for this seasonal event!

Krakow Christmas Market Tips:

The Krakow Christmas Market sells seasonal traditional Polish food and hot mulled drinks to keep you warm while you shop. Traditional Polish gift items are also for sale, including jewelry from the region, handmade crafts, and Polish Christmas decorations. If you're looking for a particular folk craft or decoration, you may find it here. Many are easy to pack away into your luggage. Others, like goose or duck eggs painted with Nativity scenes or other Christmas imagery, may be more delicate purchases that you may have to tuck into your carry-on luggage for your departure flight.

What to Look for at the Seasonal Market in Old Town Krakow:

Old Town Krakow takes on a special ambiance during the Christmas season. Carol singers fill the air with traditional songs and the scent of special Polish seasonal foods wafts from snack stalls. A huge Christmas tree lends stately elegance to the square and glows with lights after daylight fades.

Don't forget about the special Christmas cribs, which are displayed during the Krakow Christmas market. An annual contest has participants create the loveliest creches they can, and the entries go on display. Colorful and glittering, these miniature nativity scenes are a Krakow tradition and help to set the scene for the rest of the festivities.

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