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Park Muzakowski Poland


Park Muzakowski Poland

Park Muzakowski Poland

Park Muzakowski is also known as Muskauer Park and is sometimes referred to as the Furst-Puckler Park. This park straddles the Polish-German border and is listed as a World Heritage Site that Poland and Germany share. The park is remarkable for its advancements in landscape design that marked a departure from prevailing styles.

History of Park Muzakowski:

The park was created by a prince who was also a landscape architect interested in English-style park design. Prince Puckler began his project in 1815 and established a reputation for his skill at landscape design. Park Muzakowski was damaged considerably during WWII, so much of it has had to be restored. The park gained World Heritage Site status in 2004.

Visiting Park Muzakowski:

While the park is partially in Poland, the most developed parts of the park are in Bad Maskau, Germany. Visitors to Park Muzakowski can take tours of the park, visit a museum about the park's creator, take carriage rides, and rent bikes for riding through the park.

Park Muzakowski website: www.muskauer-park.de

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