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Profile of Poland


Cloth Hall and main market square from above, Krakow, Poland
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About Poland:

Poland’s boundaries have been in constant flux throughout its history. Lithuania, Germany, Ukraine, and Russia have all be a part of Poland at one time—or Poland has been a part of them. With so many influences, the visitor can expect variety in Polish architecture, customs, and culture. However, throughout its tumultuous history, Poland has maintained a unique identity through its staunchly Roman Catholic background and its proud heritage.

Poland Facts:

  • Poland is a Central or Eastern European country bordered by Russia, Ukrain, Slovakia, Lithuania, Germany, Czech Republic, and Belarus, making it an ideal for side trips in Europe or as a starting point for a multi-country vacation.
  • Polish is the language spoken throughout Poland, so brush up on basic Polish phrases before you go. However, you might meet citizens of bordering countries as you travel through Poland.
  • While winters can be bitter, summers are mild with frequent rains; plan on traveling in the late spring or at the height of summer.
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Poland Photos

Poland's World Heritage Sites:

If you want to see some of the most historically and culturally significant parts of Poland, make sure to work in some of Poland's World Heritage Sites, which include historic towns, an ancient forest, important architecture, and memorials to victims of WWII.

Poland World Heritage Sites Photos

Poland's Cities:

Poland's major cities are popular destinations. Krakow holds top position as Poland's favorite tourist destination, but Warsaw is Poland's capital city and has much to offer as well. Other cities in Poland, like Gdansk have lively city centers with plenty of attractions, entertainment, restaurants serving regional Polish traditional foods, nightlife, and more.

Getting Around Poland by Train:

Poland's train system is easy to use even if you don't speak Polish. This makes seeing several cities in one trip possible and convenient. Use express trains for the fastest service and to avoid connections.

Trains in Poland

Poland Travel Basics:

Before traveling to Poland, familiarize yourself with travel requirements and important information you'll need to know during your stay, like currency exchange information.

Poland Travel Basics

Polish Culture:

Polish culture is a point of pride for this country. Elaborate national costumes, holiday traditions, fun superstitions, and folk art are only some elements of Polish culture that contribute to its lasting charm.

Reasons to Visit Poland:

Do you need a reason to visit Poland? If family connections, business, or university study abroad programs aren't a factor in your decision to visit Poland, consider that Poland will wow you with its castles, tempt you with its food and drink, inspire you with its natural beauty, and woo you with its exciting urban life.
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