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Swidnica, Poland


Swidnica Peace Church Poland

Swidnica Peace Church Poland

Swidnica is a town near Wroclaw that was founded in the 13th century. Swidnica's present-day small size belies its past significance. Originally a fishing village, it eventually grew to be the region's capital and a trade center. Today it is most famous for its Peace Church, a World Heritage Site.

Sights in Swidnica:

Swidnica's Old Town and Market Square, as well as the Church of Saints Stanislav and Vaclav, hearken back to Swidnica's days of prominence. Swidnica is also home to a Museum of Trade. Swidnica's Peace Church from the 17th century is built of wood and clay, but no nails. This two-story structure was built as a result of granted permission for Protestants to build churches in the region. Another church of this kind can be found in nearby Jawor.

Getting to Swidnica:

The best way to get to Swidnica is by train or bus from Wroclaw.

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