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Torun, Poland


Town Hall Torun Poland

Town Hall Torun Poland

Torun, located in northern Poland, is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and the birthplace of Nicholas Copernicus. Its main sites can be seen on foot, and whether you're into Gothic style architecture, the history of Poland's famous astronomer, or just like well-preserved historic cities, Torun has something to offer. Torun is also famous for gingerbread, a treat that has been served in Poland and other Eastern and East Central European countries for centuries.

Torun Sights:

Like in so many historic Polish towns, Torun's Town Hall is a major feature of the urban landscape. Torun's town hall is notable for its size and its age - both with surpass other town halls in Poland. Arthur's Court, the ruins of a Teutonic Knights' castle, and Torun's very own Leaning tower will be of interest. Torun also has squares, churches, city walls, and city gates that are significant to the town's history.

Torun and Copernicus:

Torun is proud to have been the birthplace of Nicholas Copernicus, 15th-16th century astronomer who posited that the sun was the center of the solar system. The Nicholas Copernicus Museum is located in the residence in which Copernicus was born and lived until he was a teenager. St. John's church is where Copernicus was baptized, and the monument to Copernicus can be found near Torun's Town Hall. Torun's university is named after Nicholas Copernicus.

Torun Museums:

Besides the Nicholas Copernicus Museum, Torun also has a museum of arts and crafts from the Far East housed in what is known as the House Under the Star. Torun's Town Hall is home to a historic museum. Esken's House holds a collection of paintings and weapons and armor from several centuries. The Ethnographic Museum takes visitors back in time to how life was lived in the area before the appearance of today's modern conveniences.

Torun Christmas Market:

Though its size may not be comparable to similar markets in Poland's larger cities, Torun Christmas market set up in Torun's Old Town is an added bonus for December visitors to Torun. Seasonal foods and hot mulled drinks, as well as handmade crafts, decorations, and gifts, are integral to Poland's Christmas markets and bring a festive atmosphere to any city that hosts them.

Where to Stay in Torun:

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