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Tygmont Jazz Club Warsaw Poland


Tygmont Jazz Club in Warsaw - Overview of Tygmont:

Warsaw's Tygmont Jazz Club is a well-established live-music venue in Warsaw's city center. This club concentrates more on serving up great music than it does on atmosphere - though Tygmont has plenty of that, as well. Serious audience members only, please. You may be asked not to speak through certain performances.

Tygmont Jazz Club Warsaw - Location and Getting There:

Located at Mazowiecka 6/8, Tygmont Jazz Club can be reached easily on foot if you're staying in the city center or near Old Town Warsaw. If you stick to the well-lit main roads, you'll be in the company of other night owls making in search of nightcaps. Alternatively, a cab ride to Tygmont may be a better option if you prefer not to hoof it.

Tygmont Jazz Club Warsaw - Drinks and Food:

Tygmont Jazz Club offers a full range of drinks and a food menu as well. Menu can be found on the club's website at www.tygmont.com.pl/x_menu.htm.

Tygmont Jazz Club Warsaw - Other Information:

A cover charge may apply some nights - inquire at the door. If the music is not to your taste, make your way out quietly. Tygmont regulars take their music seriously and do not appreciate hecklers.

Tygmont is located conveniently near dance clubs like "Zoo" and "Enklawa."

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