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Warsaw History Museum


The Warsaw History Museum, located in a series of Renaissance mansions on Old Town Square, is full of artifacts from Warsaw's long history. Learn about the origins of Warsaw and how this city developed over the centuries. Most information plaques are in English as well as Polish.

English Language Film about Warsaw's History:

A short film (about 20 minutes) in English about Warsaw's history is especially fascinating. Created from period photographs and footage, it details the before, during, and after of WWII, which saw 85% of the city destroyed. Buy tickets early - the film comes highly recommended, and the small theater might be full if you arrive late for the timed showings.

Price of Admittance and Museum Rules:

There is no cost to view the museum itself, though you will have to pay a few dollars to see the film. You can also purchase books and videos about Warsaw history at the front desk.

As with most museums, you may have to check your coat or large bags. Upon entering the museum's exhibition rooms, you will be ushered about by museum personnel. If you take a wrong turn, don't be suprised to be surprised when a formbidable Polish woman sets you right.

Website of the Warsaw History Museum

Warsaw History Museum Exhibitions:

View fabric scraps from garments made in the 1400s, portraits of notable individuals responsible for Warsaw's development as a city, massive Gothic-style locks and keys, as well as manacles, glass, and pottery unearthed on archeological digs. The museum even features a cross-section of a medieval wooden pipe that was once a part of the city's sewer system.

Other exhibits feature a room decorated how it might have been when the museum structure was used as a home and publications from early printing presses.

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