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Zamosc, Poland


Zamosc City Square Poland

Zamosc City Square Poland

The Polish town of Zamosc is named for its founder, Jan Zamoyski. In the 16th century, Zamoyski commissioned the planning and construction of the town, complete with fortifications. Four centuries later, this planning has been preserved and, as a result, has landed Zamosc on the list of Poland's World Heritage Sites.

Zamosc is located near Lublin, in southeastern Poland.

Zamosc's Market Square:

Zamosc's Market Square, with the Baroque style Town Hall, is its most recognizable symbol. Here you'll find the Zamosc Museum, which tells the story of Zamosc through portraits of members of its founding family and other exhibits. The Collegiate Church with its Zamoyski Chapel is also located on the square.

Zamosc Sights:

Other original elements of Zamosc can also be seen by visitors. The Zamoyski Palace and a former Academy serve modern purposes. Two smaller squares situated near the Market Square will offer more of the Old Town. Two city gates remain from the town's defense system, the Lublin and Lvov Gates.

Zamosc's Museums:

Besides the Zamosc Museum, Zamosc has an Arsenal Museum and a Jewish Museum, the latter of which is housed in the 17th century synagogue. The Rotunda, once a site of an extermination camp, now serves as a memorial to those killed by Nazis.
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