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Poland Castles in Photos


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Amazing Castles in Poland
Old gothic castle in Lidzbark Warminski, Poland, Europe.
Jacek Kadaj/Moment/Getty Images
Are you ready to take a tour of Poland's castles? These monuments preserve a memory of the past when knights did battle, villages required defense against invasion, and attack was imminent. The castles that still stand strong and proud in the Polish landscape tell this intriguing story and keep it alive for visitors.

Poland is home to castles from all eras and of all shapes, sizes, and levels of preservation. Some have been carefully renovated; others have fallen into ruin. Many are museums for the curious daytripper; others act as hotels. Castles located in destination cities are easily accessed, while those in the countryside may require a car and a good map.

If castles interest you, Poland has them aplenty, and it's proud of these medieval structures at which history-changing events occurred and from which powerful figures administered. If you're planning a trip to Poland, it's worth noting which castles are possible to visit. For an overview of some of Poland's most interesting castles, enter the following gallery to view pictures and read information about each of the structures included. It's like time travel at your computer.

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