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Polish Culture

Culture of Poland


Polish culture has its roots in history, but it continues to develop, incorporating old tradition with modern sensibilities. If you're interested in the culture of Poland, whether because you're traveling to Poland, getting in touch with your Polish roots, or simply satisfying your curiosity, what you discover will surprise and delight you.

Poland's Culture in Photos

Wooden Toys from Poland

These photos illustrate Polish culture - from its flag, to its folk art, to its holiday customs. Use these photos as a launchpad for your own Polish culture studies - what aspect of Polish culture interests you most?

Polish Folk Costumes

Polish Girl's Dress - Folk Dress from Poland

Poland's folk costumes are colorfully decorated and represent different regions of Poland. Men's and women's folk costumes are often seen during holidays and festivals, when dancers entertain audiences with traditional performances.

Poland's World Heritage Sites

Wooden Church in Debno, Lesser Poland

Poland's World Heritage Sites are protected by UNESCO because of their cultural and historical significance. Tour Poland's World Heritage Sites to learn about important landmarks in Poland that have become cultural treasures.

Poland's Holidays

All Saint's Day Poland
Szymon Mazurek © 2006

Poland's overwhelmingly Roman Catholic population means that many Polish holidays - from Easter to All Saint's Day to Christmas -  follow the Catholic traditions. Polish holidays can affect travelers' plans in positive ways - seasonal celebrations that are unique to the time of year will provide the opportunity for a memorable cultural experience. 

Polish Christmas Traditions

Christmas Tree in Warsaw, Poland

Christmas in Poland encompasses both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but large cities in Poland take advantage of this special time of year to bedeck historic centers in lights, decorations, and Christmas trees. Christmas markets add to the festive atmosphere.

Poland's Santa Claus

Mikolaj, the Polish Santa Claus
CC BY-NC-ND antoni.katowice

Poland's Santa Claus is most commonly known as Mikolaj, or St. Nicholas. He brings gifts on December 6th and sometimes on December 24th.

Advent in Poland

Advent in Poland
CC BY-NC-ND antoni.katowice

Polish Advent services are solemn religious rituals that prepare the faithful for Christmas.

St. Andrew's Day in Poland

Molten Wax

Associated with fortune-telling, Andrzejki has traditionally been a day on which young ladies use divination techniques to predict future marriages.

All Saints' and All Souls' Day in Poland

All Saints' Day Poland
CC BY-NC-SA bflickr

On this day, Poles reunite with family members to honor the deceased and place candles and flowers at gravesites.

Polish Easter Traditions

Palm Sunday Easter
CC by Magic Madzik

Easter in Poland is a special time of year, when religious observances and the celebration of the return of spring enable Poles to say farewell to winter weather. City centers come alive with festivals and markets, and families uphold old customs by coloring eggs and attending church services.

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