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Must-See Warsaw Sights

Warsaw City Sights


Warsaw is one of Poland's most popular travel destinations. With its rich history and striking sights, Warsaw has plenty of attractions to offer visitors. These are some of Warsaw's can't-miss sights.

Must-See Warsaw Sights - Lazienki Palace

General view of Lazienki Palace on December 01, 2011 in Warsaw, Poland.
Tom Dulat/Stringer/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images
Lazienki Park and Palace are both beautiful and relaxing sights to see. The palace, known as "The Palace on the Isle" is built on a lake and is accessible by foot bridges. Wander the park or enter the palace depending upon your mood and the weather. The park offers pathways and shady benches, while the palace allows visitors a glimpse into the life of its previous inhabitants.

Must-See Warsaw Sights - Chopin Monument

Chopin Monument Warsaw
Scubabartek © 2006
Warsaw is the birthplace of the famous Polish composer, Chopin. The Chopin Monument, located in Lazienki Park, is often used as a meeting place for music lovers and a venue for concerts. The original version of this monument is no longer in existence; its reproduction was created after Nazis destroyed the 1926 monument.

Must-See Warsaw Sights - Royal Castle

Royal Castle Warsaw
Luke Daniek © 2007
When taking a tour of the Royal Castle in Warsaw, be mindful that this structure is a reproduction of the original, just like the Chopin Monument. And, like the composer's monument, the original Royal Castle was destroyed by Nazis during WWII. While the exterior has been recreated, the interior of the Royal Castle is surprisingly authentic. Furniture that was saved from destruction, or replacements from the same period, serve to illustrate the uses of the castle's rooms.

Must-See Warsaw Sights - Castle Square

Castle Square Warsaw
Dmytro Hurnytskiy © 2007
The Royal Castle overlooks Castle Square in Warsaw. This grand square is used for speeches, gatherings, and entertainment. Warsaw also has other squares of note, like the Old Town Market Square and the New Town Market Square. Warsaw's squares are great places to have a snack or a drink and experience the city.

Must-See Warsaw Sights - Zygmunt's Column

King Zygmunt Column Warsaw
Luke Daniek © 2007
Zymunt's Column, erected to commemorate a 17th century Polish king, is an original monument, though it did have to be repaired after the Nazi invasion. Zygmunt's Column is located in Castle Square and marks the beginning of Warsaw's Royal Route. Visitors can follow this route to see some of Warsaw's most historic and beautiful architecture.

Must-See Warsaw Sights - The Palace of Science and Culture

Palace of Science and Culture Warsaw
Deejpilot © 2007
The Palace of Science and Culture was Stalin's gift to Poland. Its monstrous form and looming silhouette are characteristic of the architectural style favored by the Soviets. The Palace of Science and Culture is a multi-purpose building that now rents commercial space to businesses. Today, it is famous mostly for its impressive size and even more impressive ugliness.

Must-See Warsaw Sights - Monument to the Heroes of the Ghetto

Monument to the Heroes of the Ghetto Warsaw
Lukasz Gumowski © 2002
Near the Palace of Science and Culture is the location of the former Warsaw Ghetto. The sight of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, the Warsaw Ghetto was destroyed in the 1940's and its inhabitants murdered or sent to concentration camps. This memorial, as well as the nearby Umschlagplatz Memorial, remember the victims of the Warsaw Ghetto as well as those who tried to fight back against the Nazis' actions.

Must-See Warsaw Sights - Warsaw Barbican

Warsaw Barbican
Martin Pietak © 2005
The Warsaw Barbican was a defensive structure that was initially built to replace one of the gates of the walled city of Warsaw. Like many of Warsaw's buildings, the Barbican has been reconstructed, but this doesn't make the structure any less impressive.

Must-See Warsaw Sights - Wilanow Palace

Wilanow Palace Warsaw
Laurent Dambies © 2007
The Wilanow Palace in Warsaw is now a museum that showcases its many owners' eclectic style preferences and additions. The architecture of the Wilanow Palace, portrait galleries, and other museum exhibits make for an interesting afternoon. If you aren't into museum-going, stroll the palace grounds.

Must-See Warsaw Sights - National Library of Poland

National Library Warsaw
Martin Krammer © 2007
The National Library of Poland, housed in a 17th century building, holds some of Poland's most treasured documents, including some of Chopin's compositions, important religious texts, ancient maps, and artists' conceptions of important Polish architecture.
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