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Poland's Cities and Towns

Great Polish Destinations


Each of Poland's cities and towns has a different feel and something to offer the visitor. Whether you're looking for regional cuisine and souvenirs, seeking out Poland's art and architecture, or searching for a unique cultural experience, you'll find that each destination you schedule into your trip to Poland shows you a different side to this East Central European country.

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Jasna Gora sanctuary in Czestochowa - Poland
Adam Korzekwa/E+/Getty Images

Czestochowa is home to Poland's Black Madonna and Jasna Gora Monastery, where this important icon is kept. Round out your visit to Czestochowa with a visit to the nearby castle ruins.


Gdansk Harbor Crane
Kerry Kubilius, licensed to About.com
Gdansk, in northern Poland, is a port city with a charming historic center. A medieval crane looms over the river, panoramic views can be had from the tower of St. Mary's Church, and seafood restaurants serve up local specialties.


Ship in Gdynia
iStockphoto/Mariusz Niedzwiedzki
Gdynia is a modern maritime city with an aquarium and marina which attracts anyone with an affinity for the sea, including boating enthusiasts who watch or participate in yacht races and beachcombers who score Gdynia's shore for treasures. A part of the Tri-city area, Gdynia can be visited easily by anyone who also works Gdansk or Sopot into their Poland travel plans.


Gniezno, Poland
CC BY-NC Kali187
Gniezno was the first capital of Poland and is awash with Polish history. Its formidable Gothic cathedral is famous throughout Poland. It dates from the 14th century, but its origins are much older. Its doors, of Romanesque design, are a point of pride for Gniezno and the entire country.


Wawel Castle, Poland
Krakow, located in the southeastern part of Poland, is famous for its beauty and history. Unlike Warsaw and many other cities in Poland, Krakow evaded the widespread destruction left in the wake of WWII. Krakow boasts the largest medieval square in Europe, enormous Wawel Castle, a historic Jewish Quarter, and more. Many important sites are within a short distance of Krakow, making it a convenient home base for visitors to Poland.


Lublin, Poland
CC BY-NC-ND Jacek Lisowski
Poland's city of Lublin is one of its largest, but that doesn't mean it's lacking in the charm so typical to Polish travel destinations. Don't forget to check out the old town and the castle, then use Lublin as a headquarters to explore the surrounding area.


Malbork Castle
Kerry Kubilius, licensed to About.com
Malbork is a small town near Gdansk famous for Malbork Castle. There is little else to see in Malbork, but this town makes a pleasant day trip if you plan to see the castle and grab lunch or dinner at one of its restaurants.


Poznan, Poland
CC BY lukasz.kryger
Poznan is the capital of the Wielkopolska, or Great Poland, region, and one of Poland's oldest cities, so you're sure to treasure your experience in this ancient trading capital. With its gorgeous old town, it's been drawing visitors for generations. In addition, its Cathedral Island is integral to the city's and Poland's history.


Swidnica Peace Church Poland
Swidnica was a major urban and trade center in the middle ages and is now the site of a Peace Church built in the middle of the 17th century by Protestants. Swidnica is a potential day trip from Wroclaw.


Szczcecin experienced its height of power and prestige in the Middle Ages and it acted as a capital of the Pomeranian region. Now the capital of West Pomerania and an industrial city, Szczcecin continues to reflect is past in its ancient fortifications, town hall, and churches.
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