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Prague in April - Weather, Events, and Tips

Guide for April Travel to Prague


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April Weather in Prague

  • Average January temperature: 9ºC / 48ºF
  • January average high: 13ºC / 56ºF
  • January average low: 2ºC / 36ºF
Though April is slightly wetter than March, there is an increase in the average hours of sunlight that fall on the city. This combined with warmer days is one reason tourist crowds begin to pick up in April.

Get more Prague weather information.

What to Pack for Prague in April

Consider clothing and jackets that can be layered for the varying temperatures that you'll feel from day to day and from morning until evening.

Don't forget:

  • Umbrella
  • Comfortable shoes that are appropriate for a variety of weather conditions

April Holidays and Events in Prague

If Easter falls in April, you'll be able to visit the Prague Easter Markets, purchase Czech Easter Eggs, and enjoy Easter in Prague.

Witches' Night is observed on April 30th.. Head to Petrin Hill to participate in the traditions associated with this event.

Tips for Travel to Prague in April

  • April is the month when most sights extend their hours of operation for the summer tourist season. In addition, attractions that would be less accessible during the winter season (for example, some of Prague's day trip destinations), begin to extend their hours of operation.

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