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Prague in May - Weather, Events, and Tips

Guide for May Travel to Prague


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May Weather in Prague

  • Average May temperature: 14ºC / 56ºF
  • May average high: 18ºC / 65ºF
  • May average low: 7ºC / 45ºF
Expect sunshine if you travel to Prague in May, but expect rain, too. The spring rains that Prague sees in May are one of the drawbacks to this otherwise lovely month to travel to Praha.

Get more Prague weather information.

What to Pack for Prague in May

Though temperatures are warming up, showers can put a damper on your sightseeing. Keep this in mind when packing for May travel to Prague.

Don't forget:

  • A water resistant jacket
  • Waterproof shoes
  • Umbrella

May Holidays and Events in Prague

May 1 (Labor Day) and May 8 (Liberation Day) are nationally recognized Czech holidays.

Prague Spring music festival takes place in May. Music performances held throughout the city require advance ticket purchase, so plan ahead.

The Prague Festival of Czech Beer takes place from the middle of May until the end of the month. Take advantage of this event to sample beer from both large and small breweries in the Czech Republic.

Prague's Night of Churches is a free event held towards the end of May. Many of Prague's churches are open to the public and organize concerts, tours, and mass.

The Khamaro Festival showcases Roma culture, including Gypsy music and dances.

Tips for Travel to Prague in May

  • Tourist crowds thicken in May as the weather warms. Plan your trip carefully so that you can see major sites like Prague Castle without having to waste time waiting in lines.

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