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Easter in Prague


Prague Easter Market Decorations in Old Town Square

Prague Easter Market Decorations in Old Town Square

Kerry Kubilius, licensed to About.com

Springtime Travel to Prague and Easter Celebrations:

If you're traveling to Prague in March or April, you may have the opportunity to experience Easter in Prague or the celebrations that make Easter in the Czech Republic such an exciting time of year.

Easter Markets:

Prague Easter markets are a spectacular draw in the weeks before and after Easter. Enjoy traditional snacks and drinks, listen to and watch live performances, and purchase seasonal souvenirs.

Czech Easter Eggs:

Czech Easter eggs may be purchased at Prague's Easter markets or in shops. There are so many colors and pattern variations to choose from, you'll be spoiled for choice.

Prague Easter Festival:

Prague's musical tradition is celebrated during the Prague Easter Festival, which pays tribute to this holiday and to springtime. It is held at various venues around Prague.

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