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View Prague from Above

Elevated Vantage Points for a Bird's-Eye View of Prague


For a view of Prague from above, get high - up in the air, that is. A bird's-eye view of the City of a Thousand Spires will sweep you off your feet and show you the city from a new angle. Check out these elevated vantage points at different times of day - atmospheric conditions will change the mood of the landscape before you from sunup to sundown.

Astronomical Clock

View from Prague's Astronomical Clock
CC BY-NC-ND Lionoche

The Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square can be climbed for views over the square. When the clock chimes (you'll see the crowd gather below), you'll have to share the platform with the liveried trumpeteer who hangs over the side and plays a few notes.

Charles Bridge Tower

View from Charles Bridge Tower
Kerry Kubilius, licensed to About.com

From Charles Bridge Tower, which a less popular (and therefore less crowded) vantage point than the clock tower in Old Town Square, you can view Charles Bridge, the Prague Castle, and the entry to Old town.

Prague Castle and Castle Hill

Castle Hill View of Prague
Kerry Kubilius, licensed to About.com

Climb to the top of Castle Hill and view Prague from above just like Czech kings did in days of old. The walk through Mala Strana (the Little Quarter, located at the base of the Castle District), and the view from Castle Hill is free.

Powder Tower

Prague's Powder Tower
CC BY-NC-SA Vince Perritano
The Powder Tower, found near the Municipal House, once acted as a gate to the city. In fact, it was through this gate that royalty entered Prague in medieval times. 168 stairs lead to the top of the tower, which offer views of Old Town Prague.

The Dancing Building/Celeste Restaurant

Prague's Dancing Building
CC BY-NC mediafury

Get a view of Prague from Above from the unusual Dancing Building. Celeste Restaurant, which occupies the top to floors of the building, is as popular for the panoramas out its windows as it is for its food and atmosphere.

Petrin Hill Observatory

View from Petrin Hill Observatory
CC BY-NC-SA welovepandas

Petrin Hill overlooks Prague, and its observatory offers a great bird's-eye view of of the city. The observatory recalls the Eiffel Tower but on a smaller scale. When you explore Prague, you'll be able to spot it in the distance.

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