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Street Food in Prague

Eat on the Run with Street Food in the Czech Capital


If you're doing the whirlwind tour of Prague, you may want to eat on the run instead of sitting down to a meal at a restaurant, which, in the European way, will typically swallow an hour or two of your time. Street food in Prague may not appeal to everyone, but it is available if need a quick snack before heading off to Prague Castle or exploring Old Town. Try these options for street food if you're in a hurry or on a budget.

Trdelnik Rolled Pastries

Cooking Trdelnik or Skalicky Trdelnik, a traditional sweet pastry, Prague, Czech Republic, Europe
Jose Peral/age fotostock/Getty Images

These fluffy, hot, sugar-sprinkled pastries are baked before your eyes and sold fresh all over Prague. Look for the sign that depicts a trdelnik pastry - you'll find them in Old Town, Mala Strana, and elsewhere in Prague. This street food is perfect if you have a sweet tooth.

Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine

Mulled wine is a favorite cold-weather drink. Usually made from red wine, mulling spices are used to deepen the flavor of the wine and sugar or honey sweetens the drink. You can order mulled wine at restaurants and bars, but during cold weather, you'll be able to buy a mug of mulled wine from vendors. The restaurants on Old Town Square sometimes set up mulled wine stands to attract shivering patrons.

Sip mulled wine at Prague's Christmas market as you browse for souvenirs and gifts!


Sausage Cart Prague
CC By János Szüdi

Sausage carts on Wenceslas Square do a steady business of feeding those on the go throughout the day. Sides include bread and saurkraut. Hot, filling, and easy to take with you, sausages are a favorite Prague street food.

Fried Cheese Sandwich

Fried Cheese Sandwich Prague
CC BY-NC-ND Wugging Gavagai

The fried cheese santwiches available from Wenceslas Square vendors look like a fried chicken or fish patty. The thick slices of cheese are breaded, fried, and topped with mayo before being sandwiched into a thick bun.

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