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Prague Photos

Picture Galleries of Prague


Photos of Prague show the city in all seasons, demonstrate its liveliness, highlight its most important landmarks, and help travelers plan or revisit memories of the City of a Thousand Spires. The Czech capital is known as one of Europe's most beautiful cities, and these photo galleries will show you why. Take a trip through Prague's historic districts, see it during special holidays, and learn about its sights and layout. 

Photo Tour of Old Town Prague

Minute House Old Town Prague
Natalia Bratslavsky © 2006

Old Town Prague has everything a visitor to Czech Republic's capital city desires. Staying in Prague's Old Town makes major attractions, including the Astronomical Clock and Old Town Hall, easy to get to. Explore Old Town Prague in this photo gallery and get familiar with the heart of the city. 

Photo Tour of Old Town Square

Church of St. Nicholas
Kerry Kubilius, licensed to About.com

Old Town Square is the site of historic buildings and seasonal events and is a major symbol of Prague. Visit Old Town Square to see art, listen to music, grab a bite to eat, shop for souvenirs, and take photographs of Old Town Square's most important architectural structures. You'll see some of them in these pictures. 

Photo Tour of Castle Hill Prague

Stairs to the Royal Palace on Castle Hill in Prague
Richard Cop © 2004

Castle Hill overlooks Prague. Visit its cathedrals and palaces, watch the changing of the guard, and take stunning photographs from above the city. Tour Prague Castle for an experience like no other; this medieval complex looms over the city and contains stunning artwork and architecture!

Photo Tour Around Prague

Dancing Building, New Town Prague
Abtmay © 2006

Each of Prague's neighborhoods has its own vibe. This photo tour takes you through Prague's neighborhoods and gives you a peek at some of the most stunning sights around Prague. Many of these can be reached easily on foot, and if you stroll through the city, you'll encounter some of them. Others, like the famous Dancing building, you may have to deliberately seek out depending upon if your tour of the city or your hotel's location. 

Photo Tour of Jewish Quarter Prague

Ceremonial Hall, Jewish Quarter, Prague
Keith Levitt © 2006

Prague's Jewish Quarter is signicant both to Prague's history and to the history of Europe. Visit important landmarks and the Old Jewish Cemetery, and learn more about the Jewish Quarter, or Josefov, a subsection of Prague's Old Town. 

Photos of Prague's Monuments

Franz Kafka Monument Prague
Kerry Kubilius, licensed to About.com

Prague's monuments commemorate special people and events important to Prague's history and culture. You'll see them everywhere you go in Prague. Why not become familiar with them so you know what important figures and moments have been chosen to be made permanent in in bronze, stone, or other materials?

Photos of Charles Bridge North Side Statues

St. Vitus on Charles Bridge
Kerry Kubilius, licensed to About.com

Charles Bridge has 30 statues. This photo gallery helps you familiarize yourself with the 15 statues on the north side of the bridge. enjoy learning about each statue and its significance. 

Photos of Charles Bridge South Side Statues

St. Ivo on Charles Bridge Prague
This photo gallery will help you identify the 15 statues on the south side of Prague's Charles Bridge.

Photos of Christmas in Prague

Nativity Scene in Prague

Prague's Christmas celebrations last through December and go into the month of January. Festivals, markets, exhibitions, and processions mark the holiday season Prague sparkles during this time of year. Even if you can't travel to the Czech capital to experience the magic of Christmas, you can still view its decorations and Christmas trees in photos. 

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