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Profile of Romania
Romania is a country full of surprises. Though the temptation for exploring the homeland of Vlad the Impaler may draw many visitors to this country, Romania's attraction extends beyond this literary legend.

Romania Map
Romania Map - Map of Romania including major cities and neighboring countries.

Romania Culture 101 in Photos - Photo Gallery of Romanian Culture
Photo gallery of Romanian culture - Pictures of Romanian culture

Bucharest City Profile - About Bucharest, Romania's Capital City
Bucharest City Profile - About Bucharest, Romania's capital city

Touring Romania's Painted Monasteries - Bucovina Painted Monasteries
Touring Romania's Painted Monasteries - Bucovina Painted Monasteries

Bucovina and Bucovina Churches - Photo Tour of Bucovina Churches and Sights
Bucovina and the Bucovina Churchs - Photo Tour of Painted Monasteries and other historic churches and sights of the Bucovina region of Romania

Romania Castles
Romania's castles, whether preserved or ruined, speak about the country's history, leaders, and legends. They make interesting attractions and destinations for history hunters, ghost seekers, or castle connoisseurs.

Barefoot Tours - Romanian Adventure Tours
Barefoot Tours - Romanian Adventure Tour Company

Residence Hotel, Romania
One of the best small hotels in Bucharest, Residence suits both leisure and business travelers.

Balthazar Restaurant
Balthazar is Bucharest's swanky, fusion restaurant.

Hotel Confort Otopeni
This small, clean hotel is near Bucharest’s Otopeni Airport.

Romania Tours from Balkan Trails
Private tours of Romania from Balkan Trails

Your Romania Blog
Romania Blogs - Blogs About Romania

Photos of Romania from About.com's Adventure Travel Guide
Photo gallery of Romania photos from About.com's Guide to Adventure travel, Lois Friedland.

Romanian Folk Costumes
Romanian Folk Costumes - Folk Dress from Romania

Romanian Culture
Romanian culture sets itself apart from other cultures in the East European region just as it shares some elements with them. Romania's Dracula legend and its Dacian history are two examples of how Romania's culture is unique. On the other hand, Romania's Easter egg traditions and its folk costumes bear some similarities with those of nearby...

Romania's Currency
Romania's Currency - See what Romanian money looks like and learn about the denominations for Romanian coins and banknotes.

Suceava, with its medieval fortress and historic churches, is a good hub for exploring the painted monasteries famous in the Bucovina region of Romania.

Cluj-Napoca, one of the original Siebenburgen, or Seven Fortress Cities, of today's Transylvania, is a fully modern city with elements from past eras that are easily accessible for visitors.

Romania's Cities
Romania's cities, from the fortresses of Transylvania to the sea port of Constanta are diverse with culture, activities, regional foods, and sights that will inspire the traveler to this country.

Brasov is one of Romania's most popular destinations for travelers, who go there not only for its connection to the nearby Dracula's Castle (Bran Castle) but who enjoy its annual festivals, romantic sights, and cultural experiences.

Sibiu Christmas Market
The historic city of Sibiu has been sharing its annual Christmas market with visitors since 2007. Experience Romanian Christmas customs and purchase locally made souvenirs.

Transylvania, a region in Romania famous for its connection to the Dracula legend, is a destination offering more than a few surprises. Large cities that nevertheless maintain their medieval charm, natural or architectural gems hidden in the countryside, castles, and legends await the visitor to Transylvania.

The Martisor Tradition
The Martisor Tradition in Romania and Moldova - Learn about the March 1st Traditions in Romania and Moldova

Romanian Wines
Romania's wine growing regions, local grape varieties, and growing wine market offer additional opportunities for tourists interested in Romanian history, culture, and cuisine. Learn more about Romania's romance with wine.

Easter in Romania
Romanian Easter traditions are complex and interesting. They include superstitions, fortune-telling, games, and rituals, some which date back to pagan times. This important holiday is one of colorful eggs and delicious foods, as well as church-going, spending time with family, and welcoming the spring.

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