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Romania Christmas Traditions

Christmas in Romania


Christmas Lights in Sibiu, Romania

Christmas Lights in Sibiu, Romania

Celebrated on December 25, Romanian Christmas is closely connected with pagan festivities, some elements of which continue to be a part of the holiday celebration in Romania today. Pagan themes of life and death are intertwined with Christian Christmas traditions.

Romanian Christmas Pig

Pork is an important part of the Romanian Christmas Eve and Christmas Day meal. On December 20, St. Ignat's Day, a large pig, fattened for this very purpose, is slaughtered to provide the staple ingredient to the Christmastime feast. While rural villagers still practice the pig slaughter, keeping and slaughtering domestic animals isn't practical for city dwellers, but the tradition of eating pork for Christmas in Romania prevails. Other dishes will accompany the main pork dish or be made from pork, and Romanian plum brandy may be drunk.

Romanian Christmas Carols

Christmas carols and the practice of caroling both feature heavily in Romanian Christmas traditions. The act of going through the village, or from house to house, singing carols dates to pre-Christian times. Today, Romanian carolers are most often children who may carry a staff topped with a representation of the Christmas star. Some Romanian Christmas carols have a religious theme, while others may reference Romanian folklore.

Visit Christmas markets in Romania, such as the Sibiu Christmas market to see traditions unfold before your eyes.

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