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Dracula Photos

Photos From Dracula Sites in Romania


The real Dracula, Vlad Tepes, lived in Romania in the 15th century. Vampire hunters and those interested in the Dracula legend will want to visit the so-called "Dracula sites" situated in Romania. If you can't travel there yourself, visit Bran Castle and Sighisoara through these photos.
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Bran CastleBran CastleBran Castle InteriorBran Castle CourtyardDracula SouvenirsDracula SouvenirsSighisoaraSighisoara-Dracula Souvenirs
SighisoaraSighisoaraSighisoaraSaxon GraveyardSighisoaraSighisoaraSighisoaraSighisoara
SighisoaraSighisoaraSighisoaraSighisoaraSighisoaraSighisoaraVlad Tepes Statue in SighisoaraBust of Vlad Tepes in Sighisoara

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