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Targoviste, Romania


Targoviste and Dracula:

The Princely Court in Targoviste was the capital of Wallachia, where Vlad the Impaler, or Dracula, ruled. Vlad took the throne at the Princely Court in 1456. To repay boyars for taking he and his brother hostages, it was here that Vlad impaled a great many of his enemies after inviting them to a feast on Easter Sunday.

The Sunset Tower at the Princely Court:

Vlad the Impaler's soldiers used the Sunset Tower as a lookout in Targoviste. Now it houses an exhibition illustrating Vlad's life. The Sunset Tower is great for taking panoramic photos of Targoviste.

The Princely Church at Targoviste:

This 16th century structure was a place of worship for rulers who succeeded Vlad the Impaler. Inside, visitors can see frescos and icons.

Targoviste and Ceausescu:

Ceausescu's Law Courts is now a History Museum, and the first floor was, during his lifetime, devoted to his accomplishments--though now it is a showcase for art exhibitions. Ceausescu and his wife were excecuted in a barracks in Targoviste in 1989.

Monasteries in Targoviste:

The 17th century Selea Monastery has a highly decorative exterior and a remarkable iconastasis on the interior. The Dealu Monastery is the resting place for the head of Micheal the Brave, who is recognized for a unification of Moldavia and Transylvania.
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