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Romania Castles


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Peles Castle
Peles Castle, Romania

Peles Castle, Romania

CC BY-NC-ND Chodaboy
Peles Castle is located near Sinaia in Romania and is known as one of Romania's most beautiful castles or palaces. Constructed at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, Peles Castle was built for King Carol I of Romania. The castle was used by Romanian royalty until the end of the monarchy. In the early 1950s, it was transformed into a museum.

Peles Castle is as luxurious inside as it is outside. Visitors to Peles Castle can view 35 of its over 150 rooms, which include an armory, the imperial suite, and other rooms sumptuously decorated and appointed with furnishings from various parts of the world. An additional fee is required for guests who wish to take photos, but bringing a camera is recommended.

The castle is open Tuesdays through Sundays year round, except for the month of November, during which it is closed. If you're fond of castles, Peles should be on your list!

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