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Romanian Culture

Culture of Romania


Romanian culture sets itself apart from other cultures in the East European region just as it shares some elements with them. Romania's Dracula legend and its Dacian history are two examples of how Romania's culture is unique. On the other hand, Romania's Easter egg traditions and its folk costumes bear some similarities with those of nearby countries. Learn more about Romanian culture in the following articles.

Romania Culture in Photos

Romanian Wooden Figure
Alastair Johnson © 2005

Start your exploration of Romanian culture here. These photos offer an overview of some of the aspects of Romanian culture such as Romania's flag, its ancient history, and its folk art.

Romanian Folk Costumes

Girls National Romanian Folk Dress
CC BY-NC Basil & Tracy

Romanian folk costumes vary from region to region and may be worn for holidays and festivals. Traditional dancers also don folk costumes for their performances.

Romanian Christmas Traditions

Christmas Lights in Sibiu, Romania

While city dwellers no longer fatten a Christmas pig, most Romanians still keep up the tradition of eating pork for Christmas. Romania also has strong Christmas carolling customs which reference Romanian folklore.

Photos of Easter in Romania

Romanian Decorated Eggs
Radu Razvan © 2007

Carefully decorated Romanian Easter eggs are a main feature of this springtime holiday Some Romanian cities also celebrate with an annual Easter market.

The Real Dracula

Winter at Bran Castle

Despite popular culture's fantastic treatment of Dracula, this bloodthirsty leader was nevertheless a real person. Sights throughout Romania, like Bran Castle, are associated with Vlad the Impaler, and tours and events focus on his legacy.

Photo Tour of Bucovina

Sucevita Painted Monastery
iStockphoto/Octavian Babusi

Bucovina, a region in Romania, is famous for its painted monasteries and other historic buildings, as well as its natural landscape. Even if you can't tour Bucovina yourself, you can enjoy its treasures through photos.

Pictures of Christmas in Romania

Romania's centuries-old cities become even more majestic during the Christmas holidays, when Christmas trees and lights make historic centers glow.


CC BY Public Domain Photos

Martisor is celebrated on March 1. Romanians give each other amulets by the same name to show their appreciation for each other.

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