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Where Is Moscow?

Moscow's Location


When you read the news or have read about Russia, you may be wondering, “Where is Moscow?”

Moscow Location

Moscow is the capital of Russia and is located in the region of the same name, which is located in the western part of Russia, but east of the country's so-called second capital, St. Petersburg. Moscow is situated on the Moskva River. Moscow can be found on a map of Russia.

Distances of Major Cities from Moscow

Moscow is:
  • 393 m/632 km southeast of St. Petersburg
  • 539 m/867 km southeast of Tallinn
  • 714 m/1149 km east of Warsaw
  • 470 m/756 km northeast of Kiev
  • 1034 m/ 1664 km east of Prague

Getting to Moscow

Even the distances between cities in Russia cover wide expanses, and it takes many hours of travel time to reach Moscow from any of those destinations by train. For this reason, most travelers choose to fly to Moscow, but they may travel by train to other Russian cities once in the country.

Sheremetyevo International Airport handles most international flights for Moscow.

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