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Take Off in Russian Language Learning Kit

This Russian Language-Learning Kit from Oxford Gives Great Travel Prep

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Take Off In Russian Language Kit

Take Off In Russian Language Kit

Oxford University Press
Take Off in Russian Language Learning Kit from Oxford University Press is an excellent resource for travelers to Russia who need to polish their Russian skills or learn the basics before vacationing or doing business there.

Essential Language for Russia Travel

Take Off in Russian covers words and phrases essential for travelers to Russia, including the following topics: basic introductions and greetings, requests and directions, shopping and numbers, and public transportation, as well as other subjects that will help you meet new friends, order food at restaurants, and tell others about yourself. The learning kit even includes a lesson built around a visa application.

After reviewing the audio and text of this language-learning kit, not only will you feel more confident about getting around any Russian city, but you will be able to use the lessons as a launchpad for expanding your knowledge of Russian.

MP3 Player Compatibility, Compact and Affordable

Two other qualities that make the Take Off in Russian Language-Learning Kit great for travelers are obvious. One book and four CDs come in a compact box that can easily be packed in carry-on luggage, and the price of this boxed set is much lower than many other language-learning sets by other publishers (around $45).

But the kit is even more travel-friendly. Ditch the CDs and download the full audio to your mp3 player for on-the-go learning. Learn Russian while you walk the dog, drive to work, work out at the gym, or cook dinner without having to worry about CDs that can be scratched, lost, or cracked. Or take the language kit with you while you travel. The accompanying textbook is no bigger than your guidebook to Russia.

Clear Audio with Male and Female Voices

Language learners will hear both male and female Russian speakers on the audio CDs or mp3 file. This is extremely helpful for those who have never heard Russian spoken before, since Russian may sound less clear to novices when spoken in a male voice. The variation will also aid the listener in speaking Russian more naturally.

Plenty of repetition makes the audio valuable even without the use of the accompanying textbook. This aids language-learners in conversational Russian. Being able to understand basic spoken Russian and make appropriate responses is essential for any traveler who asks for directions, wants to order food, or needs help.

Informational Textbook with Helpful Activities

To supplement the Russian audio, Take Off in Russian includes a paperback textbook/workbook with plenty of activities. Learn to recognize Cyrillic letters, read Russian words, recognize street signs, and integrate listening and reading with relevant, natural-sounding dialogues.
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