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Vodka Museum in Moscow


The Vodka Museum in Moscow is a Fun Adult Excursion:

If you're a fan of vodka, or would simply like to know a little more about Russia's national drink, the Vodka Museum in Moscow is for you. The facilities will take visitors on a tour through Russian vodka history, demonstrate the vodka distillation process, and illustrate just how important vodka traditions have been in Russia.

Vodka History:

While Poland and Russia argue over the origin of vodka, it's impossible to argue that vodka is a Russian national drink, and Russians take great pride in their vodka. Throughout Russia's history laws have dictated who could produce or sell vodka, and the government has played roles in vodka production. In the late 19th century, Russia saw the first development of a Russian vodka standard. It is also interesting to note that typical home-style vodka produced on estates was flavored with spices and fruits.

Tractir, or Restaraunt, at the Vodka Museum in Moscow:

When visiting the Vodka Museum, guests will want to take time to sample various vodkas and traditional foods at the on-site restaurant or "tractir." Contact the restaurant in advance to make reservations. The tractir advertises an English-speaking staff and acceptance of major credit cards. Make sure you have a "designated spender" with you - preferably one who isn't drinking.

Russian Vodka Souvenirs:

You can, of course, purchase vodka souvenirs at the restaurant, but vodka can be just as easily purchased at any market. Unless you see something that is particularly special, you may want to avoid the marked-up prices of the souvenir shop and purchase your vodka souvenirs elsehwere - and with a clear head.

Location of the Moscow Vodka Museum:

The Vodka Museum in Moscow (which has moved from its original location in St. Petersburg) is now located in Izmaylovo - near Izmaylovo Market. You probably can't visit both the market and the museum in the same day - the market is expansive, and you'll want to examine the goods at the hundreds of stalls before you have imbibed.

The website for the Vodka Museum has clearly stated hours of operation (both for museum and tractir) and contact information for your convenience.
Vodka Museum Website: www.vodkamuseum.ru

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