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Moscow Kremlin - Photo Gallery and Information


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Tour the Moscow Kremlin, Russia's Most Famous Kremlin
Moscow River and Kremlin
Siegfried Layda/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images
The Moscow Kremlin is the most famous kremlin in all of Russia. Pictures of the Kremlin show a red-walled fortress-like enclosure that holds cathedrals, palaces, government buildings, and some surprising, oversized remnants of the past.

The Kremlin, as in centuries past, is the center of government in Russia. But it's also a historic heart of Moscow and one of the city's most important and most visited sights. Visiting the Kremlin should be on every Moscow traveler's list of things to do. There, you can explore the Kremlin's grounds, take photos, view cathedral interiors, and be amazed by museums treasures.

Even if you can't make it to the Kremlin yourself to view its historic buildings, you can still enjoy much of what the Kremlin has to offer through this photo tour. The pictures represent the structures found within the Kremlin, and the accompanying explanations tell you why they're important.

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