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Russian Culture 101 in Photos


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Russian Blini and Caviar
Caviar and Blini (Russian Pancakes)

Caviar and Blini (Russian Pancakes)

© Andrey Rovenko
When you travel to Russia, you're sure to get a taste of blini, or traditional Russian pancakes. These can be plain, topped with sour cream, or filled with jam, chocolate, or cheese (or just about any other filling you can think of). Caviar is often served on top of crusty, heavily-buttered bread as a part of the zakuska table. You might have some vodka to wash it down.

For more information on Russian traditional foods, check out the article by the same name. Or find out more about Maslenitsa, Russian Pancake Week. If you want to try a little Russian cooking on your own, there are Russian cookbooks available.

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