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Russian Culture 101 in Photos


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Russian Samovar
Russian Samovar

Russian Samovar

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Samovars are a part of the traditional Russian tea culture. What is a samovar?" A samovar is metal container used for heating water. A small amount of concentrated tea is poured from a teapot into a cup. Then hot water is added from the samovar to dilute the tea to the appropriate strength.

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While samovars have fallen out of everyday use, samovars are still used for some occasions. In addition, antique samovars are sometimes family heirlooms and decorative reminders of the past. You can find samovars at markets in Russia (at Izmaylovo Market in Moscow), but you may have a difficult time getting one out of the country, especially if it is a Russian antique.

As a visitor to Russia, you might encounter a samovar in someone's home, at a restaurant, or on the train.

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