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Russian Culture 101 in Photos


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Balalaikas and Russian Folk Instruments
Balalaikas and Accordians - Russian Folk Instruments

Balalaikas and Accordions - Russian Folk Instruments

Sergey Koshevarov
What is a balalaika?A balalaika is a triangular stringed instrument sort of like a guitar. This traditional instrument is sometimes brightly painted with Russian designs and scenes from Russian folktales. The music of accordions, which are also pictured, feature in Russian folk music as well, along with pipes and other stringed instruments.

The balalaika is an instrument that features in the movie version of Doctor Zhivago, so you may have heard this instrument play "Lara's Theme" from the soundtrack. When you're in Russia, you may encounter folk instruments during folk performances or at festivals. You may even be able to pick up a souvenir balalaika of your own at a folk craft shop!

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