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Best Christmas Gifts from Russia

Find Christmas Presents in Russia


When you travel to Russia - no matter what time of year it is - you may be shopping for Christmas gifts to be presented to family and friends back home. These presents from Russia will surprise and delight even difficult shoppers on your list.

1. Russian Nesting Dolls

Nutcracker Matryoshka Doll

Nesting dolls, or matryoshka dolls, are favorite souvenirs from Russia and make great gifts for all ages and both genders. Nesting dolls can be elaborately decorated, represent cartoon characters or celebrities, or even carry a Christmas theme. Large nesting dolls with many small dolls inside are more expensive than those that contain only a few dolls.


2. Russian Hats

Fur Hat for Winter

Russian hats are practical gifts that can also be given to all ages and genders. Made for both men and women, children and adults, these hats are luxurious presents that will be easy to pack in your suitcase. With or without ear flaps, Russian hats are often made with or trimmed with real fur, so shop carefully if this is a consideration for you or the recipient of the gift.

3. Russian Vodka

Vodka Matryushka

Russian vodka makes an excellent gift and can be purchased at reasonable prices in Russia. It's also easy to find at grocery stores, hypermarkets, and licquor stores. Be sure to read up on how to pack glass bottles in your luggage so you will get your vodka home without breakage.

4. Lacquer Boxes

Russian Lacquer Box

Finely painted lacquer boxes, which depict scenes from fairy tales, historic episodes, or landscapes, are special gifts from Russia that will make the recipient's Christmas special. Lacquer boxes are decorated with a labor-intensive process that employs the skill of painters trained to work in minute detail.

5. Russian Tea Implements

Samovar with Matching Teapot
Russian tea culture is infused in strong traditions, and the Russian tea service can include samovars and podstakanniks - two items completely foreign to Western tea services. Lomonosov makes fine porcelain in well-established Russian patterns, and a teapot or cup-and-saucer set make impressive, usable Christmas gifts for the tea lover in your life.

6. Valenki

Valenki - Russian Felt Boots

Valenki, Russian woolen boots, make a surprising and practical gift if you are familiar with the intended wearer's approximate size. Whether used as slippers or for tromping around in the snow, these boots are stylishly Russian.

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