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Top 10 St. Petersburg Clubs


From techno music to live punk or jazz, St. Petersburg has a nightlife that will appeal to anyone. Dance till well past dawn at Metro, experience gay Petersburg at Greshniki, or book a table for two at JFC Jazz Club.

1. Par.spb

This is a no-holds-barred club of exceptional proportions. Themed weekends, an ample list of DJs, and an indoor lounge means that Par.spb is just the ticket when you want a little of everything. The nearly non-stop lounge is open from 12pm to 8am every day, while the club itself is Friday through Sunday from 11pm to 7am.

Alexander Park 5B, Gorkovskaya metro

2. Metro

Metro is three floors of varied dance music with a gaudy, steel-beamed interior. Mondays and Wednesdays are typically student nights, with the other days of the week appealing to a more diverse crowd. The website is very thorough--it even has a drinks menu.

Open every day from 10pm to 6am.
Ligovskiy pr. 174, Ligovskiy Prospekt metro

3. Moloko

The funky, fun interior is original and welcoming. Moloko features live music and inexpensive beverages. Prices will vary by gig, and all bands begin at 8pm.

Open 7pm to 11pm every day
Perekupnoy per. 12, Ploshchad Aleksandra Nevskovo metro

4. Money Honey

This "saloon" takes you back to a Wild Wild West that could only be conceived of in the minds of Russians. You have to see it to believe it. Play pool with your buds or kick off your boots in front of the fireplace. Live music every night at 8pm and 12:30 am.

Open Monday 10am to Midnight, Tuesday-Sunday 10am to 5:30am
Apraksin dvor, korpus 13, Nevskiy Prospekt metro

5. Orlandina

The space is small, the atmosphere cave-like. Black and white cubist murals by an affiliate artist is the only decoration. Live gigs begin around 7. Arrive early if you want in; there's space for only 150 people.

Open 6pm to 6am daily
il. Mira 36a, Gorkovskaya metro

6. Fish Fabrique

This artsy club has long been a mainstay of St. Petersburg. Live concerts, table-football, and movies are some of the entertainments at Fish Fabrique.

Open from 3pm until everyone goes home
Ligovskiy pr. 53, Ploshchad Vosstaniya metro

7. Greshniki

Get your drinks served by angels or demons in this gay club. Four floors, themed parties, and lots of tight clothing. St. Petersburg is known for being more liberal towards homosexuality than other parts of Russia, and this club is a big hit. Keep the card you're given at entry--this will be used to keep a tally of the cost of all your drinks, and there is a steep penalty for losing the card ($100 USD).

Open every day from 6pm to 6am
nab. kanala Griboedova 28/1, Nevskiy Prospekt metro

8. Jazz Philharmonic Hall

Advanced tickets are required for this swanky jazz venue. Founded by David Goloshchokin, a Petersburg musician famous for being one of Russia's premier violinists. The Jazz Philharmonic Hall is not for a casual night out, so plan ahead.

Open daily from 7pm to 11pm
Zagorodniy pr. 27, Vladimirskaya/Dosoevskaya metro

9. JFC Jazz Club

A small, popular joint catering to a more casual crowd. One of Russias most prestigious jazz musicians, Andrei Kondakov, directs the club. Make sure to make reservations--JFC fills up early.

Open every day from 9am to 11pm
Shpalernaya ul. 33, Chernyshevskaya metro

10. Red Fox Jazz Club

This friendly establishment features classic jazz from the 1930's and 40's. Their website is pleasantly bilingual and charmingly amateurish. Live music every night except Monday.

Open 10:30am weekdays, 2pm weekends
ul. Mayakovskovo 50, Chernyshevskaya metro

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