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Beer in Russia

About Russia's Beer and Beer Culture


Man with Beer and Bayan

Man with Beer and Bayan

Beer is a popular beverage in Russia, and Russians have enjoyed beer for centuries. Beer is so important in Russia that an exhibit has been dedicated to beer drinking, beer brewing, and beer culture at the Russian Museum of Ethnography in St. Petersburg. While Russian vodka is the national alcoholic beverage, consumption of beer has risen in recent years to the point where officials have had to enact rules to curb advertisers' ability to catch the attention of young drinkers.

Where to Buy Beer in Russia

If you're looking to try Russian beer when you travel to Moscow, St. Petersbug, or another Russian city, you'll have to look no further than the nearest kiosk selling convenience items. Beer is readily available and extremely affordable in Russia, and the brands and types of beer vary widely. Imported beers are also available, but these may command higher prices. Restaurants and pubs sell Russian beer, and microbreweries are making appearances in more heavily populated Russian cities.

Regional Russian Beers

Make sure that you check out beer that is brewed in the region in which you are traveling – there are many local beers that are brewed in and named for Russia's major cities, like Krasnoyarsk (Krasnoyarsk Legenda) and Yaroslavl (Yarpivo).

Beer Festivals in Russia

Beer festivals occur in Russia. The most popular beer festival in Russia is the one held during summer in Petersburg. There is also a beer festival in Sochi held annually in the month of May.

Russian Beer Brands

Some Russian beer brands include Baltica, Stary Melnik, Stepan Razin, Neskoye, Bochkaryov, Klinskoye, Zhigulevskoye, Tinkov, Yarpivo, and Sibirskaya Korona.

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