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Czech Republic Seasonal Travel and Holidays

Czech Republic Seasonal Travel and Holidays - Czech Seasonal Travel

Czech Christmas Traditions
Christmas events span the full month of December in the Czech Republic. Well-established traditions can be enjoyed by visitors to Prague or other cities in the Czech Republic during this month.

Christmas Markets Czech Republic
The Czech Republic's largest and most popular Christmas market can be found in the capital city, Prague. Brno, another major city in the Czech Republic, also hosts a Christmas market and holiday events.

Easter Eggs from the Czech Republic
Easter Eggs from the Czech Republic - Called kraslice, Czech decorated Easter eggs tell a story about the Czech Republic's holiday traditions.

Easter in the Czech Republic
Easter in the Czech Republic - Czech Easter Traditions

Masopust - Czech Shrovetide or Carnival

Brno Christmas Market
Brno's Christmas market shows this city won't be upstaged by Prague during the holiday season.

Winter Festivals in the Czech Republic - Prague Winter Festivals
Prague is the Czech Republic's winter festival center. Music festivals, pagan holidays, and ballroom dancing are celebrated from November to February.

Rio de Riviera Open Air Music and Dance Festival in Brno Czech Republic
The Rio de Riviera Open Air Music and Dance Festival in Brno Czech Republic is an annual music festival that is still a new event, but it's already popular with music and dance lovers from all over Europe.

Ignis Brunensis - International Fireworks Competition in Brno Czech Republic 200
Brno Czech Republic has been hosting the International Fireworks Competition, or Ignis Brunensis, for over ten years. The International Fireworks Competition is a popular festival held in late May/early June.

Hradhouse Music and Dance Festival Brno
Hradhouse Music Festival is Brno's largest dance and music festival.

Prague Month By Month
Can't decide when to travel to Prague ? Want to find out what you can expect if your trip is already planned for a particular month? Explore Prague weather and events month by month and get useful tips for travel to Prague during specific times of year.

Prague Events
There's always something going on in Prague, no matter the season. If you're traveling to Prague, check to see if your trip will coincide with seasonal events. If you are traveling during a specific month, or would like to decide which month is best for your trip to Prague, use the Prague Month by Month travel planning guides for information and tips for each month of the year.

Prague Night of Churches
Prague Night of Churches - Night of Churches in Prague

Prague Museum Night
Prague Museum Night - Prague Night of Museums

Prague Food Festival
Prague Food Festival - Prague's Festival of Food

Prague Folklore Days
Prague Folklore Days - Summer Folklore Festival in Prague

Summer in Prague
Chances are high that you'll visit Prague during summer. Learn essential information for travel during the high tourist season and get tips for making the most of your visit.

Santa Claus in the Czech Republic
The Czech Republic has its own version of Santa Claus, who appears on St. Nicholas Eve and for Christmas. Learn about the customs and legends surrounding the Czech Santa.

Drowning Morena
Tthe Czech and Slovak tradition of the drowning of Morena welcomes spring and sends winter on its way. This pagan rite of the seasons is centuries old and draws a connection between the Czech Republic's past and its present.

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