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Lipizzaner Horse Farm in Lipica, Slovenia

Take a Tour of the Stud Farm in Lipica and Watch the Lipizzaners Perform


Get Up Close and Personal with Lipizzaner Stallions at the Lipica Stud Farm

Get Up Close and Personal with Lipizzaner Stallions at the Lipica Stud Farm

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The Lipica stud farm is one of Slovenia's foremost attractions. Here, in the village of Lipica, the famous white Lipizzaner horses are bred just as they have been since the 16th century, when Archduke Charles of the Hapsburg dynasty founded the farm. Today, visitors can take a tour of the Lipizzaner stud farm and watch these elegant and regal horses perform. The farm also offers a variety of services that allow visitors to get hands-on experience with these graceful creatures, and a visit to the farm is sure to be a prized memory for any horse lover.

Lipizzaner horses are treasured for their beauty and temperament, both qualities which make them ideal for dressage competitions and the pageantry required for ceremonial occasions. These horses begin their lives with gray-colored coats that lighten as they age. In this respect, Lipizzaner horses are not true white horses, though their transition from young, gray horses into snowy white show animals gives them plenty of time to practice the special techniques that they learn as a part of their training.

Watching the Lipizzaner Horses Perform

One of the most cherished experiences for visitors to the Lipizzaner stud farm is the sight of the horses performing. Performances can be viewed every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday at 3:00 pm from April to October. Performances also occur on major holidays, and a tour of the farm is included with the admission price.

A slightly less expensive ticket will buy you entrance into a training session with the Lipizzaners. Every week, Tuesday through Sunday at 10:00 and 11:00 am, the horses are trained in the techniques of the classical riding school. A ticket to watch one of the training sessions also includes a tour of the farm.

Visitors can also ride in a carriage drawn by the Lipizzaner stallions, and prices vary by the length of the ride. Because Lipizzaners have been drawing the carriages of royalty and other important individuals for centuries, this experience will have you feeling like a king or queen.

Lipikum Museum

The Lipikum Museum at the Lipizzaner stud farm was opened in May of 2011 and offers visitors a comprehensive understanding of the horses, their life at the stud farm, the history of the farm, and more.

Riding Lipizzaner Stallions

With an advance booking, it's possible to get a riding lesson or, if you're an experienced rider, enjoy a riding course at the Lipica stud farm. Riding gear can be rented right at the farm, and instructors can tailor sessions to the ability of the rider. Though riding lessons aren't available for young children, kids ages 3-10 can ride Shetland ponies at the stud farm.

If you simply want to enjoy the grace and beauty of the horses without additional instruction, you can take one of the horses out on the trails near the Lipica stud farm.

Getting to Lipica

Because it's so popular, the Lipizzaner stud farm is often included on tours of Slovenia or the larger region. If you're traveling there on your own, however, you have a couple of options. The first is to drive there yourself. The second is to take the train from Ljubljana to Sezana and then take a taxi to the farm from there.

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Lipizzaner Stud Farm Info

For hours of operation, times of performances, booking of special services, and other information, the Lipica Stud Farm website is an easily navigable site and translated into English. You can book reservations to the farm right online so you can plan your trip ahead of time, buy souvenirs, or read about the history of the farm and the horses. The site also hosts a photo gallery of the horses that show them at rest and in action.
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