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Sochi Travel

Travel to Sochi, Russia's Resort City


Arboretum in Sochi

Arboretum in Sochi

iStockphoto/Inna-G Grand Hotel Polyana

Grand Hotel Polyana

Grand Hotel Polyana

Sochi is a resort city in southern Russia located on the Black Sea. With its subtropical climate, situation on the coast, and proximity to ski slopes, Sochi has long been a favorite travel destination in Russia. In addition, Sochi has been chosen as the site for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, which means that more people are becoming aware of Sochi and what it has to offer travelers.

If you want to travel to Sochi, check out the Sochi Travel Planning FAQ, which answers some basic questions about Sochi's location, flights to Sochi, and other information related to this international event.

Hotels for Sochi Travel

Sochi hotels serve a variety of requirements and are located both near the beach and in the mountains overlooking Sochi. Your choice of hotel when you travel to Sochi will depend upon your budget and your reasons for visiting Sochi. Ask yourself if you're traveling to Sochi more for the skiing or for swimming and sunshine and plan to book your hotel accordingly.

Activities in Sochi

Travel to Sochi means a lot of opportunities for relaxation. An arboretum, parks, shopping, bars and clubs, and more, can be found in Sochi. Amusement parks and beaches will appeal to children. For de-stressing, Sochi's sanitoriums offer medical treatments, fitness programs, and leisure activities. These resorts sprang up in Sochi during Soviet times, offering places for workers to rejuvenate themselves for several consecutive weeks during the year. Today's resort facilities try to appeal to a more universal client base.

Excursions from Sochi include Stalin's dacha, caves, waterfalls, and a tea plantation. Tours of the surrounding area can be booked with local operators.

Sochi Photos will show you some of Sochi's sights and beauty.

Restaurants in Sochi

Restaurants in Sochi offer everything from traditional Russian cuisine to pizzas. Whether you're looking for a nice dinner complete with local wine or a quick and tasty snack, you won't have any trouble finding it. Because Sochi is located just to the north of Georgia, you'll also have the opportunity to sample Georgian cuisine.

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