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Do They Speak English in Sochi?


Question: Do They Speak English in Sochi?
If you travel to Sochi as an English speaker, you may be wondering if you'll be able to find people who can help you in your own language. Can you find English speakers in Sochi?
Answer: Sochi is a Russian city, which means most of its population speaks Russian. And, like in many other cities, taxi drivers may not be native to the place in which they work - which means the language they are most comfortable using will be something else entirely. However, early reports indicate that initiatives are being undertaken in Sochi to provide English lessons to taxi drivers, waitstaff, and others to prepare for the influx of visitors that the resort city will see for the 2014 Olympic Games. This is no guarantee that you will be able to communicate easily with those whose services you need, so have a Russian phrase book handy and keep the addresses of important locations written down (in Cyrillic), to show in the event that any language barriers pose a problem.
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