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Sochi is a Russian city on the Black Sea Coast scheduled to host the 2014 Olympic Games. Photos of this subtropical resort city show striking landscapes, sights and activities for visitors, and Sochi's proximity to the Black Sea. Sochi travel has appealed to Russians for decades, and Olympic Games-related infrastructure and other projects are set to make Sochi more attractive and accessible to visitors.
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Sochi, Russia - SochiThe City of SochiKrasnaya PolyanaKrasnaya Polyana near SochiSnowy Krasnaya PolyanaSnow on the CaucasusSochi Water ParkSochi Water Park
Sochi Amusement ParkSochi Amusement ParkLenin Mosaic in SochiLenin Mosaic in SochiSochi ArboretumSochi ArboretumSochi Railway StationSochi Train Station
Sochi Sea PortSochi's Sea PortTea Plantation Near SochiTea Plantation Near SochiSochi Winter TheaterSochi Winter TheaterSochi BeachSochi Beach
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