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Baltic Travel: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

Baltic Travel - Everything you need to know about Travel to the Baltic Nations - Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
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Christmas in the Baltic Nations
Christmas in the Baltic Nations - Christmas in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

Travel to the Baltics - Baltic Region Profile
Baltic Region Profile - Profile of the Baltic Region of Eastern Europe

Baltic Spring Festivals - Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
The Baltics - Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia - celebrate spring with folk festivals, music festivals, and film festivals, as well as souvenir markets.

Baltic Winter Festivals - Winter Festivals in Latvia, Lithuan…
Winter festivals in the Baltic countries - Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia - celebrate old ways and modern life with folk traditions, film, Christmas markets, and fireworks.

Baltic Weather

Weather in the Baltic nations is somewhat similar for each of the three countries, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. Summers are warm but really hot temperatures are not the norm. Winters are long and cold, with below freezing temperatures. Plan your trip to the Baltic nations with the help of these weather guides.

The Baltics via Simple and Lux Express
Bus is an affordable and comfortable way to travel to the three Baltic countries. Lux Express and Simple Express are two companies that make the process easy and convenient.

Introduction to the Baltic Capitals
The Baltic capital cities are unique with respect to each other, but all hold in common their variety of attractions for travelers who want to know more about Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

Dining Out in the Baltics
If you love meat and potatoes, you'll love the Baltics. If you don't, major tourist centers cater to a wide variety of tastes, with restaurants serving international cuisine and food geared towards specific dietary preferences.

Baltic Song and Dance Festivals
The Baltic Song and Dance Festivals are important events that take place every few years, drawing thousands of participants and audience members. These festivals have had political importance in the past and continue to be culturally and historically significant.

The Singing Revolution - Importance of Song to the Baltic Nations
Learn about how the Singing Revolution helped pave the way for freedom in the Baltic region during the last gasps of the USSR.

Summer in the Baltics
The mild summers of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia make them perfect destinations for vacationers who aren't keen on blistering hot weather. Better yet, coastal destinations provide seaside relaxation.

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