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Vilnius City Profile - Profile of Vilnius, Lithuania's Capital City


Street in Vilnius Lithuania

Street in Vilnius Lithuania

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Vilnius, Vilnus, Vilna, Wilno - Vilnius City Name:

Because the founding of Vilnius dates back to medieval times, it has been known by various names to the peoples of the surrounding countries. Older texts and texts in other languages may refer to Vilnius as Wilno, Vilna, or Vilnus, depending upon the date of publication and origin of the text. One river on which Vilnius is built is called the Vilnia.

Vilnius - Location:

Vilnius is located in the southeastern portion of the country, relatively near Lithuania's border with Belarus. It straddles a large river, called the Neris, and a tributary of that river, the Vilnia.

Vilnius Weather:

Summers in Vilnius can be quite hot, even into the evening hours. Winters in Vilnius are bitterly cold, and freezing temperatures are typical. The warmest months, when the weather is most comfortable for the typical tourist, are June through August, with May and September exhibiting mild weather that is tolerable if potentially a bit chilly.

Getting Around Vilnius:

Vilnius is fairly easy to get around. Use a taxi, bus, or trolleybus if you want to see sights outside of the city center. However, the city center itself is pedestrian-friendly, and you can see many tourist attractions easily without having to worry about transportation.

Vilnius Attractions:

Vilnius abounds with churches, cathedrals, and monasteries. Visit sights associated with Gediminas, one of Lithuania's most significant rulers, as well as Trakai Castle. Trakai Castle contains a museum, but is an important architectural and historical monument in its own right.

Hotels in Vilnius:

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Flights to Vilnius:

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