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Palm Tree in Warsaw


Warsaw's Palm Tree
Warsaw Palm Tree

Warsaw Palm Tree

Kerry Kubilius, licensed to About.com
A surprising sight will greet visitors who find themselves on Warsaw's Jerusalem Avenue. A life-like 50-foot palm tree grows in the middle of the de Gualle Roundabout. The Warsaw palm tree is a sculpture by artist Joanna Rajkowska. Entitled "Greetings from Jerusalem Avenue," it artificially melds an element of Israel's natural scenery into the Warsaw city surroundings. Jerusalem Avenue was a location of Jewish settlement in the 18th century, and the palm tree plays upon this bit of history.

The Polish word for palm recalls a saying that indicates something is incredible. Palms can't grow this far north, and so the verdant top of the seemingly thriving palm is surprising and unbelievable in the middle of the city. In this way, the palm tree projects a dual meaning.

The Warsaw Palm tree is made of steel, plastic, and other materials. Originally, Rajkowska intended to plant a whole row of palm trees along Jerusalem Avenue, but limited her project to as single tree in the end. The tree has sparked political debate, but despite anyone's objections to the tree, it has become an unlikely symbol of the city.

The Warsaw Palm even has its own website at www.palma.art.pl.

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