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Eastern Europe Travel: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Brief Guide to the Eastern European Countries
Countries of Eastern Europe - List of East Europe's Countries
Map of Eastern Europe
Map of Eastern European Countries - Eastern Europe Region Map
Easter in Poland
Easter in Poland - Polish Easter Traditions
Easter in Russia
Easter in Russia - Russian Easter Traditions
Russian Food 101: What You Must Try
Russian traditional foods are served in homes and restaurants in Russia. Try some of these delicious dishes and know what to expect when you sit down to dine in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, or another Russian city.
Easter in Hungary
Learn about Easter in Hungary - Hungarian Easter Traditions include egg decorating, an annual festival, and traditions for the separate days of Easter.
Polish Traditional Foods
Polish Traditoinal Foods - Discover Polish Traditional Foods
Photos of Easter in Poland
Polish Easter Breakfast - Easter Sunday in Poland. Page 6.
Russian Culture
Learn about Russian Culture - Elements of Russian culture include traditions, foods, art, music, important landmarks, historical events, and more. The culture of Russia is colorful, complex, and fascinating!
Top 10 Gay and Lesbian Clubs in Prague
Prague has a wide variety of gay and lesbian bars to choose from.
Russian Easter in Photos
Russian Easter Eggs - Decorated eggs are an important part of the Russian Orthodox Easter tradition.
Top 10 Tips for Summer Dress for Eastern Europe...
Wondering what to pack and wear when you travel during the summer months in Eastern Europe? Summer is one of the easiest seasons to pack for Easten Europe travel. These tips will help.
Easter in Eastern Europe
Easter in Eastern Europe - Learn about Eastern Europe's Easter customs, traditions, foods, and markets.
Poland Culture 101 in Photos - Photo Gallery...
Easter eggs from Poland, or pisanki, are an important part of the Poland Easter celebration. Page 3.
Make the Most of Prague in May with This Quick...
Prague in May - Information about Prague May weather and events. What to pack, tips, holidays, and festivals.
Must-See St. Petersburg Sights
There are dozens of historical and cultural attractions in St. Petersburg that should not be missed. However, these St. Petersburgh sights are the most important, most popular, and most astounding must-see St. Petersburg sights.
Top 10 St. Petersburg Clubs
Fill your St. Petersburg nights with music and dance at these 10 clubs.
Summer in Prague
Summer travel to Prague means warm weather, dense crowds, warm-weather events, and special safety considerations. Prague in the summer is energetic and unforgettable! Tips and advice for travel during June, July, and August.
Czech Easter Eggs Photos
Czech Easter Eggs Photos - Photos of Easter Eggs from Czech Republic
Russian Holidays
Russian holidays are important cultural events that bring visitors and locals together. National and unofficial holidays in Russia feature long-standing traditions and provide an excuse to celebrate!
Moscow Must-See Sights
Moscow Must-See Sights - Best things for travelers to do in Moscow, Russia.
Russian Culture Facts
This quick list of Russian culture facts will get you started into learning about this fascinating culture. Scannable reference for traditions, holidays, life in Russia, history, language, and more!
Where Is Prague?
You may have heard of Prague but can't find it on a map. Where Is Prague? The Czech capital city's location is easy to find if you know where to look and how far it is from other destination cities.
Russian Patronymics
Russian Patronymics - Russian Middle Names or Patryonimics
Where Is Croatia?
Where Is Croatia? - Discover Croatia's location and easily find this country on a map. Information about nearby bodies of water and neighboring countries is also included.
Prague Must-See Sights
See Prague's Must-See Sights - These top sights are ones that Prague visitors must see! Visit these important places and landmarks to get a feel for the city.
Important Health and Safety Tips for Russia...
Travel to Russia should be safe, but sometimes it isn't. Visitors to Russia should be aware of how to keep themselves safe and healthy during their travel in Russia. These basic health and safety tips for Russia travel will improve your chances of having a safe and healthy journey.
Types of Easter Eggs from Eastern Europe
What types of Easter eggs can you find in Eastern Europe? Easter eggs from this region are decorated using a variety of techniques, like batik, scratching, and dying.
Romanian Traditional Foods
Discover the traditional foods of Romania that have been satisfying Romanians for generations. Customary dishes feature meat, poultry, fish, grains and vegetables and show influences from neighboring countries.
Prague Cafe List
Looking for a great Prague cafe in which to spend an afternoon? This list includes famous and historic Prague cafes serving coffee, pastries, tea, beer, and snacks.
Where Is Budapest?
Where is Budapest? - Discover Budapest's location in Europe in relation to other major cities.
50 Things to Do in Prague
These 50 things to do in Prague will encourage you to experience its sights, tastes, sounds, and other attractions. Whatever your travel expectations, you'll find plenty of things to do in Prague!
Easter in Krakow
Krakow Easter - Easter in Krakow
Easter in the Czech Republic
Easter in the Czech Republic - Czech Easter Traditions
Polish Traditions Through the Year
Festivals and holidays occur year-round in Poland. These traditions are culturally rich and include Easter customs, Christmas rituals, saints' days, and more.
Russian Nicknames and Diminutives
Russian Nicknames - Russian Diminutives and Nicknames
Easter Eggs from the Czech Republic
Easter Eggs from the Czech Republic - Called kraslice, Czech decorated Easter eggs tell a story about the Czech Republic's holiday traditions.
55 Things to Do in Moscow
Looking for things to do in Moscow, Russia? Shop, eat, sightsee, and become familiar with Russian culture. Enjoy seasonal activities, too. Moscow is never short on attractions and things to do!
Before You Before You Go: Russia Travel Basics
Basics of Russia Travel - Tips for Travel to Russia
Moscow, Capital City of Russia
Moscow Russia - About Moscow, Russia's capital city. City of Moscow, history of Moscow, Moscow travel.
The Real Dracula
Dracula, or Vlad the Impaler, was a real character in Romanian history. Though Dracula has gained infamy due to Bram Stoker's famous nove, the real Dracula is one of Romania's best-known rulers.
Poland's Holidays
Poland's Holidays - Holidays Celebrated in Poland
Russian Traditions Through the Year
Learn about Russian traditions through the year. Annual traditions, festivals, and holidays include Maslenitsa, Easter, Christmas, and other customary events and observances.
Hungarian Traditional foods
Hungarian Traditional Foods - Discover Food from Hungary
Izmaylovo Market
Izmaylovo/Izmailovo Market, Moscow: This fun souvenir market is a great place to purchase Russian nesting dolls, lacquer boxes, wooden toys, winter hats, folk crafts, antiques, and art. Be sure to include Izmaylovo Market on your tour of Moscow!
Czech Republic Attractions
Believe it or not, some of the Czech Republic's best attractions can be found outside of Prague! Though the capital is a major draw, don't forget about nine other destinations in Bohemia and Moravia.
Prague in June - Weather, Events, and Tips
Prague in June - Information about weather and events for Prague in June. Packing tips, holidays, and festivals.
Major Cities in Eastern Europe
Major cities in Eastern Europe are often the most popular tourist destinations. Plentiful opportunities to sightsee, dine, or shop present themselves in these cities.
Must-See Warsaw Sights
Warsaw is one of Poland's most popular travel destinations. With its rich history and striking sights, Warsaw has plenty of attractions to offer visitors.
Where is Serbia?
Where is Serbia? - Learn Serbia's location and be able to locate Serbia on a map
Poland Facts
Poland facts and information for visitors. Geographic facts, travel facts, history and culture facts about Poland in East Central Europe.
Bulgarian Culture 101 in Photos - Photo Gallery...
Red eggs are popular symbols of Easter in Bulgaria. Page 4.
Russia Facts
Russia Facts and Information for Visitors - Demographic facts, travel facts, facts about sights in Russia.
St. Basil's Cathedral
The multi-colored onion domes of St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, Russia are one of the country's symbols. This landmark on Red Square is also a popular attraction for visitors.
How to Pack Glass Bottles in Luggage
How to Pack Glass Bottles in Luggage - Pack Glass Bottles in Your Luggage
Famous Russian Tsars
Russian tsars such as Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great left important legacies. Learn more about Russia's royalty and the emperors who dictated the course of history.
Moscow Facts
These interesting facts about Moscow will give you an introduction to the city, whether you plan to travel there or simply learn more about the Russian capital city.
Maps of Eastern Europe
Map of Eastern Europe
Weekend in Prague - What to Do with Two Days in...
You've only got a weekend in Prague, so how should you spend it? Make the most out of a two-day weekend in Prague by following this guide that will help you hit Prague's high points without wasting time.
Yes and No in Bulgaria
Be careful when nodding to mean "yes" and shaking your head when you mean "no" in Bulgaria--Bulgarians
Russian Names: Nicknames, Patronymics and...
Russian names can be confusing! If you spend time with Russians, read Russian literature, or watch Russian
Slovenian Easter Eggs Photos
Scratched Slovenian Easter Egg - Drsanka Easter Egg
Red in Russian Culture
Red in Russian Culture - The Color Red in Russian Culture
Polish Folk Costumes
Men's and women's Polish traditional dress is colorful and reflects generations-old traditions. When you visit Poland during a holiday or special event, you may see examples of male and female clothing. You can even buy costumes with folk patterns, embroidery, and lace. Page 5.
Moscow Kremlin - Photo Gallery and Information
Tour the Moscow Kremlin through this picture gallery. Photos and information accompany each element of the Kremlin, from the Grand Kremlin Palace to the Tsar Bell. Learn more about Russia's most famous Kremlin!
Where Is Russia?
Where is Russia? Discover Russia's location and find out where Russia is on a map.
Hungarian Pálinka
Pálinka is Hungary's famous fruit brandy made from orchard fruits and distilled into a fragrant, powerful spirit. Learn about pálinka and enjoy Hungarian fruit brandy on your next visit to Budapest or another great destination in Hungary.
Prague Month By Month
Prague Month By Month - Guides for each of the 12 months of year for travel to Prague. Get weather, events, and tips for travel to the Czech capital city throughout the year.
Prague in April - Weather, Events, and Tips
Spring comes to Prague in April. Catch potential Easter celebrations or, at the end of April, Witches' Night in Prague. Warming weather makes this a pleasant month to travel to the Czech capital city.
Day Trips from Prague
Day trips from Prague make great opportunities to see more of the Czech Republic. You can visit spas, breweries, castles, and even a chapel made of bones. Some of the most intriguing places in the country are only a few hours from the capital city!
MAC Cosmetics Store in Prague
MAC Store in Prague - Prague's MAC Cosmetics Store
Prague in Spring
Springtime in Prague is an opportune time to travel. March, April, and May offer annual events, warming weather, and still-manageable crowds. Travel in spring to enjoy Prague's celebration of the season or to stick to a budget.
Where Is Moscow?
The distances between cities in Russia cover wide expanses, and it takes many hours of travel time to reach Moscow from any of those destinations by train.
Trdelnik - Rolled Pastries in Prague and Slovakia
Trdelnik - Rolled Pastries in Prague and Slovakia
Before You Go: Poland Travel Basics
Basic tips for Poland travel. Eastern Europe Travel.
Toilets in Russia - Public Toilets in Russia...
Toilets in Russia and Eastern Europe can offer some surprises for visitors. Here's what you need to know about toilets in the region--from toilet paper, to how to flush, to the phenomenon of pay toilets.
Budapest in May - Weather, Events, and Tips
Budapest in May. Get info about weather and events for May travel to Budapest. May Guide for Budapest travel.
Top Reasons to Visit Croatia
Top Reasons to Visit Croatia - Why Travel to Croatia
Absinthe in Prague
Sampling absinthe is a part of many travelers' Prague experience. Learn what you need to know about absinthe--the green fairy--in the Czech capital city.
Summer in Russia
Are you traveling to Russia during summer? Get useful tips for visiting Russia during the summer months and information about what you can expect. June, July, and August are great times to travel to Eastern Europe's largest country!
Krakow in May - Weather, Events, and Tips
Krakow in May - Get information about Krakow May weather and events. Tips, what to pack, holidays, and festivals.
Russian Culture 101 in Photos
This gallery of Russian culture offers a survey Russia's cultural and national traditions. View folk instruments, learn about food in Russia, and view some religious and national symbols.
Ukraine Culture 102 in Photos: Ukrainian Dress,...
Paska is a traditional Ukrainain bread served during Easter. Page 10.
Shopping Malls and Department Stores in Prague
Shopaholics will find plenty of shopping malls and department stores in Prague to quench their thirst for designer goods, local products, clothing, and more. Find out where the best Prague malls are located and what times they're open.
Juwenalia is a student-centered celebration in Poland. A tradition with its roots in medieval times, Juwenalia is now a student event celebrated in various Polish cities.
Seeing Lenin’s Body in Moscow
Lenin's body is on display in Lenin's Tomb in Moscow.
Moscow Travel Tips
Protect yourself when you travel in Moscow by following safety tips, being aware, and following the rules. Travel to Moscow doesn't have to be daunting if you keep these tips in mind.
Tips for Women Travelers to Eastern Europe
As a woman traveler, is it safe and appropriate to travel to Eastern European countries alone? What can you expect as a woman traveling to Eastern Europe and what should you be aware of?
Prague in September - Weather, Events, and Tips
Prague in September - Information about Prague September weather and events. What to pack, tips, holidays, festivals.
Bulgarian Traditional Foods
Bulgarian Traditional Foods - Discover the Traditional Foods of Bulgaria
Prague Travel Guide
Prague travel information and tips, including sights, food, transportation, monthly events and weather, shopping, day trips, and reviews.Use this guide to help you plan your Prague visit!
The Russian New Year
The Russian New Year is celebrated in both old and new ways in Russia. Though some traditions mimic our own, others are unique to this country. Find out more about how the Russians mark this holiday.
What is a Matryoshka?
What is a Matryoshka? Meaning of the Word Matryoshka
Hungary Facts
Hungary Facts and information for visitors. Basic Hungary facts, Hungary travel facts, and facts about culture and history.
Polish Culture
Learn more about Polish culture and traditions. Poland's culture includes festivals, holidays, art, and more.
Prague Weather
Prague Weather: Temperatures and Rainfall - Get info about temps and rainfall for weather in Prague. Precipitation, highs and lows, averages.
Romania Culture 101 in Photos - Photo Gallery...
Romanian Easter eggs are decorated with traditional Romanian motifs and symbols. Page 4.
Photos of Easter in Romania
Black, Red, and Yellow Romanian Easter Eggs - Traditional Romanian Eggs
Map of Belarus
Map of Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe Travel. Page 3.
Tips for Visiting Prague Castle
Tips for Visiting Prague Castle - Prague Castle Tips
Eastern Europe in May
Eastern Europe in May - Get events and weather information for May travel to Eastern Europe's top destinations. Tips, what to pack, festivals, and holidays.
Karlstejn Castle
Karlstejn Castle was once the fortress that protected the Czech crown jewels. Tour the ancient Karlstejn castle for a peek into the history of the Bohemian lands.
Warsaw Shopping Malls
Shopping Malls in Warsaw, Poland - Find information about the best shopping malls and centers in the Polish capital city.
Top 10 Do's and Don'ts for Currency Exchange in...
Exchanging Currency in Eastern Europe - What to do and what not to do when you exchange currency in Eastern Europe
Hungarian Folk Costumes
Men's and Women's Folk Dress from Hungary - Male and Female Hungarian Folk Costumes
Free Prague
Free Prague - Free Things to Do in Prague
Prague in July - Weather, Events, and Tips
Prague in July - Weather and Events for Prague in July
Czech Garnets
Buying Czech Garnets - Where to Buy Czech Garnets and Czech Garnet Jewelry
Poland's Black Madonna
The Black Madonna icon in Czestochoava is Poland's holiest relic. The Jasna Gora Monastery in Jasna Gora, Poland keeps the Black Madonna safe.
Gdansk Must-See Sights
When you visit Gdansk, Poland, don't miss these must-see sights!
Top 10 Russian Antiques Shops on the Web
Russian Antiques Shops on the Web - Resources for purchasing Russian Antiques
Prague Winter Activities
If you're vising Prague during the coldest months of the year, you'll be able to find plenty of activities to fill your time. Things to do include attending events, seeing attractions, and enjoying the Prague cultural life.
Hungarian Alcoholic Beverages
Sample beer, wine, and spirits from Hungary when you travel to this Central European country. Alcoholic beverages are available in bars, restaurants, pubs, and supermarkets.
Krakow in April - Weather, Events, and Tips
Krakow in April - Get information about Krakow April weather and events. Tips, what to pack, holidays, and festivals
Romania's Cities
Romania's cities are diverse in what they offer travelers, from seaside ports to fortified mountain towns to medieval villages associated with Vlad the Impaler.
Russia Christmas Traditions
Russian Christmas traditions show how Christmas in Russia has made a comeback. While Eastern Orthodox customs take center stage, other traditions have their roots in paganism or modern celebrations of the holiday season.
Black Light Theater in Prague
Is black light theater a good way to spend your time or money in Prague? Which black light theaters should you patronize? It's important to be prepared if you're going to see this type of show when visiting the Czech capital.
Krakow Easter Market
Krakow Easter Market - The annual Easter market in Krakow is an anticipated affair. Buy traditional Easter souvenirs, sample seasonal treats, and enjoy springtime entertainment.
Reasons to Visit Prague
Reasons to Visit Prague - Why Visit Prague
Prague Castle
Prague Castle - Pražský hrad Castle Prague
St. Petersburg in Summer
Summer is the most popular time to travel to St. Petersburg, Russia. Enjoy the months of June, July, and August with their long days and summertime events.
Budapest in April - Weather, Events, and Tips
Budapest in April. Get information about travel to Budapest in April - weather, events, and tips. April guide for Budapest travel.
Bulgaria Facts
Bulgaria facts and information for visitors. Facts and information about Bulgaria in Southeastern Europe. Travel facts, demographic facts, facts about history an culture.
Prague in August - Weather, Events, and Tips
Prague in August - Weather and Events for Prague in August
Easter in Latvia
Easter in Latvia is called Lieldienas, and is marked by the coloring of Easter eggs and other Latvian traditions.
Prague - The Czech Republic's Capital City, Prague
Universal Travel Converter
The JASCO universal voltage converter is a must for worldwide travelers.
What Is Zavarka?
Zavarka - What Is Zavarka. Eastern Europe Travel.
Prague in October - Weather, Events, and Tips
Prague in October - Weather and Events for Prague in October
Top 10 Best Packing Practices for Travel to...
Pack smart when you travel to Eastern Europe. These best packing tips and practices will mean that you have enough room for the things you need as well as your souvenirs.
Budapest in June - Weather, Events, and Tips
Budapest in June. Get information about weather and events for June travel to Budapest. June Guide for Budapest Travel
Romanian Folk Costumes
Male and Female Romanian National Clothing - Traditional Folk Dress Romania
Before You Go: Bulgarian Travel Basics
Bulgarian travel basics: currency, visas, shots, and transportation.
Peterhof Guide
Get a first-hand look at Peter the Great's lifestyle at Peterhof, the Russian Versailles. Golden fountains, luxe interiors, and palace gardens are only of some of what you'll see on a visit to Peterhof.
Street Food in Prague
Street Food in Prague - Street Snacks in Prague
Top 10 Reasons to Travel to Eastern Europe
Top 10 Reasons to travel to Eastern Europe - If you need reasons to travel to Eastern Europe, here they are!
Russian Cities and Towns
Russia's cities and towns - there's more to Russia than Moscow and St. Petersburg. Some of Russia's other cities and towns are worth noting, whether you're planning a trip or traveling cross-country on the Trans-Siberian.
Marguciai, Lithuania Easter eggs, are a part of a long-standing folk tradition surrounding Easter. Lithuanian marguciai are decorated in two ways: with wax or by scratching.
The Baltics via Simple and Lux Express
Comfortable and affordable coaches from Simple and Lux Express transfer travelers between the Baltic capitals of Vilnius, Riga, and Tallinn. These bus companies make seeing Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia easy.
Hungary Culture 101 in Photos
Traditional dress from Hungary is still worn for weddings and other special occasions. Colorful and richly embroidered, Hungarian folk dress is as beautiful as it is historically significant. Page 3.
Prague Easter Markets
About Prague's Easter Markets - Craft and food markets spring up in Prague for the Easter season, drawing crowds to Old Town and Wenceslas Squares.
Maslenitsa: Shrovetide, Butter Week, or Pancake...
Maslenitsa, Russian Shrovetide, is an exciting annual ritual with its roots in a pagan past. Join in the fun of Butter Week, as Maslenitsa is known, and eat, play, and celebrate the end of winter!
Ukraine - Profile of Ukraine
Ukraine - Profile of Ukraine. Eastern Europe Travel.
Romanian Culture
Learn more about Romanian culture - traditions, holidays, customs, and more. The culture of Romania is waiting to be explored.
Currency of Eastern Europe
Currency of Eastern Europe - Currency from East and East Central Europe
Prague Castle Tickets
Prague Castle Tickets - Information on Tickets to Prague Castle
Sephora Stores in Prague
Sephora Stores in Prague - Sephora Cosmetic Stores in Prague
Karlovy Vary
Karlovy Vary - Spa Town Karlovy Vary
Moscow Weather
Moscow Weather - Get average temperatures and rainfall for Moscow weather throughout the year including month by month statistics.
Top Reasons to Visit Poland
Why should you travel to Poland? Top reasons to visit Poland include its food, history, and culture, bud did you also know that it is home to incredibly diverse cities and castles in various states of preservation? Discover reasons why you should travel to Poland!

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